Image I am doing WIP

  • SVS OG

    Hey I am trying to make this look like the brother is taking too long using the telescope and the sister is annoyed. Does that come across do you have any thoughts? Thanks 🙂0_1536954585257_VIEW THROUGH A WINDOW.jpg

  • @jason-bowen She definitely looks angry but I don't think it's as clear as it could be as far as the reason she is angry. Maybe if she were reaching for the telescope and trying to grab it from him, and if he were holding it out of reach/leaning away from her while he is looking through it?

  • SVS OG

    @eli haha I like that idea I think I will do a series of them so I have a few of the same characters in different poses for my portfolio 🙂

  • Unless her size/ age is for a story point I would make her younger and shorter and have her pulling on it like Eli said but if she is smaller you can use more of a pulling gesture to drive home the point

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