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  • SVS OG

    Hey I have just started putting some work on a free website to see how it looks. I am slowly changing out paintings that don't follow my style now. And I will add my plien air and gouache paintings soon as a side note.

    If you have any thoughts about improving the website let me know thanks 🙂

  • Seems nice and straightforward. The link opens up on the actual portfolio and you have a decent number of pieces.

    If you've got the coin I'd spring for a premium site so people visiting aren't assaulted by an ad for wixsite at the top of the page.

  • @jason-bowen Hi. I'm a fan of simplicity here.
    First thing, I ask myself how it looks on little devices because I have a Wix site too and I have to maintain things in the middle so they can be shown well on little devices.

    I would put a "home" page, simple and clean. I don't like the idea of entering directly into the portfolio.
    I would take out the photo on the contact page and make it simpler.
    I would put the galleries in the center and smaller. The preview is bigger than the "shown on a new window" image. That's is a little weird 😃

    this is what I would do for starters. but it not means that I have the right way. Take it like ideas and used it or not in reason of what your guts tell you

    Have a nide ride man!

  • SVS OG

    @art-of-b yeah I need to pay a small fee to kill the wix ad I will do that next. Thanks for looking.

  • SVS OG

    @zombie-rhythm Thanks for looking. I have been told to not have a home page because thats one too many clicks to reach the portfolio.

    I will change my about page because that isn't the photo I wanted in I was fighting with the site lol. Thanks for helping ☺

  • @jason-bowen You are wellcome!

  • Hey Jason,

    I'm more than happy to give detailed feedback, however, I want to know what the purpose of the website is.

    Answer these questions:

    What is the purpose of your website?


    • Show your portfolio to ultimately get a book deal?
    • Sell originals?
    • Show portfolio to get into galleries?

    What is the goal you want to achieve through this website?

    Who is the website for?


    • Art Directors?
    • People looking to buy originals/prints? (Are they mums, dads, teachers, students, other...?)
    • Galleries looking to exhibit artists?

    Get clear on who the website is for.

    What actions do you want them to take?

    • If you are selling originals and prints, then you want them to buy.
    • If you want to get work, then you need to get them to email/call you
    • If you want to get into galleries, then you need to get them to email/call you

    What results do you want from your website?

    By getting clear on what you want to achieve with your website, myself and others can give you more precise, relevant and actionable feedback.

  • SVS OG

    The about page photo is brilliant! Made me laugh. So very friendly website which is good. I didn't watch the Games Of Thrones series and I'm now listening to the audiobook when working so it was fun to see a reenactment scene.

  • SVS OG

    @concept I want to do illustratons for kids books mainly.

  • Your website is your store or your company. If you don't have enough of each "product" or if people don't know what you sell, they will go somewhere else. Your clients need proof of consistency.

    When you're used to creating realistic work, the transition into making cartoony characters is not easy. your brain keeps telling your hand to draw realistic proportions but your hand does something in between the 2 styles. my 2 cents is to create at least 10 pieces in the same style you want to be hired for AND display them next to each other as 1 service. Also, do a few online courses every now and then to keep your work fresh....anatomy, perspective and character design. This is what I'm doing.

  • if you are looking to professional children's book illustrations then I think you need to assess your images. Have you taken Will's portfolio class? One point he makes in many videos is that dark valued illustrations scare editors.

  • I don’t have a huge amount to add on top of the feedback already given.

    I would add a call to action (eg: Contact me today) that sends them to your contact page. At the bottom of the About page is a good start.

    You did mention your Youtube channel, however, I couldn’t find a link to it on your website (you can just link the text that mentions it).

    Regarding your style and content. I agree with the following comments:

    • create 10 pieces in the same style you want to be hired for AND display them next to each other.
    • Take Wills portfolio class.

    My other feedback is to get a real URL. Something like looks more professional than

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