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  • Hello everybody, my name is Julian, and I'm a 3d generalist from Colombia, with a soft spot for illustration and digital painting (my first love). I decided to join this forum after hearing the first two episodes of the 3 Point Perspective podcast, which is pretty cool btw.

    A little bit about myself first (please forgive any mistakes as english is not my first language), I graduated from Advertising in 2006, and back then my main goal was to become an illustrator and maybe focus on character and mascot design. At the time there wasn't any related courses or classes I could take locally so I started to search on the internet and get my hands on whatever I could find about the subject, but without having any clear structure or a study plan. So I ended up trying to learn about everything I found interesting (drawing, painting, sketching, character design, creature design, perspective, color theory, lighting, 3d modeling, sculpting, animation, motion graphics, vfx, you name it) without being really good at any of those things... and without a clear goal to pursue, just with a bunch of slightly similar interests and skills all over the place.

    Fast forward 12 years and I feel lucky I've been able to do many different things, mostly in the advertising industry, from simple character design to 3D product rendering, basically whatever has to do with image creation and/or editing (static or in motion) I've done it, despite not being specialized at any of that.
    Now, getting closer to 40 I'm starting to feel I haven't gotten nowhere near I would want to be, so after much thinking and consideration I've decided I'd like to pursue a career in concept art (with children illustration being a close second), but before going full into it I'd like to get some feedback from you. So, I'll leave a link to my work hoping you can give me some honest feedback, and also your opinion on my decision. Do you think concept art is a good career choice given the experience and skills I have so far?

    Thank you very much in advance, I greatly appreciate any feedback, opinion, or advice you can give on the subject ๐Ÿ™‚
    (If I broke any forum rule with this post please let me know too)

  • Hola parce ๐Ÿ˜ƒ bien venido al foro!

    You are obviously good at several things but to be the best at something you need to dedicate a whole lot more time to it. Just like a doctor studies chemistry, anatomy, and a bunch of other stuff then specializes and becomes an expert on only 1 thing. People without focus sadly end up helping grow other people's businesses at their own expense.

    I'll start with instagram
    You have several good images but the main issue I see is that you are not dedicating the account to work. People on Instagram don't want to see so many personal photos of you and your images unless your account is about YOU. So, first things first, only post work related images. Keep your personal photos to Instagram stories. If you want to post personal photos, do that like once in a blue moon.

    Choose 1 area of focus: dedicate your account to what you want to do, is it going to be โ€˜โ€˜3D Generalistโ€™โ€™ like you said on Instagram? or โ€˜โ€˜Character Artist, specifically in the areas of character design, 3d modeling and digital sculpting.โ€™โ€™ like you said on the website?

    you can, and you should, share process. take 1 project and share 3 stages of it, for example: pencil sketch then color sketch or rough sculpture then finished sculpture. This way you are TELLING A STORY. You already did something similar with the ape post, i really love it! currently people can't be hooked because it's just bits and pieces of everything with no clear goal as in where you are taking them.

    You want to be a character designer? only upload characters. avoid posts like the fluid simulation. always ask yourself Does this post serve the goal of my Instagram account?

    switch to a business account on Instagram, I think you will need a facebook page to be able to do that. anyways, it's free and you get analytics to help find more about your audience.

    You should add more information. at least mention a way to contact you. for example:
    Julian Per
    Character Designer and sculptor
    email me for commissions

    Your website looks abandoned with a comment from 2011 that you haven't replied to. It needs to be updated. New layout, new images, different text....update what you do and who you do it for and why you do it. google: the elevator pitch. It will help you make your value proposal short and to the point. This process is going to take time so work a little on your website every day. It will look great in a few months and you will learn a lot about SEO which is how you help people find you.

    I hope this helps. Start as soon as you can, fix something every day and be patient.

  • Hi Heidi! Thank you very much for your response, I wasn't expecting something so clear and thorough, I really appreciate it. I received almost the same feedback a few months ago from a person I deeply admire and respect, and I think that's also one of the reasons I've been searching for that thing I want to specialize in, what he said made a big impression.
    I'm painfully aware that my presence online is pretty much as my portfolio, all over the place and quite messy hehe.

    I think I've done nothing to change that partially because I'm only starting to realize what is that thing I want to focus on; I know, is an excuse, but at least I have a clearer path now. I even stopped using social media some months ago, because of that very same reason, not having a clear goal.

    What you said is also a reminder of another thing I have to get better at, sales and marketing. Lots of work to do!!

    Thanks again Heidi, it really helps a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SVS OG

    Welcome! @HeidiGFX already gave a great breakdown on next steps to take, so I'll just offer extra support - building an online presence is intimidating! But with a little focus and consistency, you can do it! It's never too late to start. Marketing yourself is work, but it's worth it.

  • @carriecopa Thank you Carrie! I appreciate the support ๐Ÿ™‚