Saabar the Mighty - first art post

  • Hi all!
    First art post here!
    Thought I would share a couple of images I whipped up for a potential comic/graphic novel.
    I came up with the character(s) years ago, and recently decided to revist them, completely overhauling the designs (the third pic (the pencilled one) was the original version of Saabar and King Koi – as you can see I have gone for more of an animated look to them now.
    I’m not that great with the colours as you can probably tell – but thankfully I have someone handling that for me on the actual pages and covers etc once they are completed! (The logo is also a placeholder for now).

    Saabar the Mighty and the Yeti
    Saabar vs the Yeti

    Saabar the Mighty vs King Koi
    Saabar vs King Koi

    Original Saabar and King Koi (2008)
    Original Saabar and King Koi

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • @scribblesbymike your stuff is great! have you tried animating him?

  • @josegalue25 thanks very much! I haven't - animation is not my strong suit at all - but i tried to make the designs animation friendly in case the day ever comes that someone wants to give it a go!

  • looks great! I love the name. This is definitely a comic I would read.

  • @Naters-Calderone thanks very much! I'm still early into it - 4 pages inked and ready to be coloured and lettered. so making progress slowly but surely!

  • Very nice. My first thought was that these look like something off Cartoon Network. And that was before reading that you made them to be animation-friendly. So I'd say your goal was a success!

  • @riftweaver I was definitely going for a cartoon network kind of vibe - so I'm glad that came across!

  • Very cool! I'd definitely read this comic, and it would make an awesome animated show too, as other have mentioned. I almost can see him running around and doing crazy battle moves hehe. Great work!

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