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  • Good Morning SVSers!

    I thought I'd try to stretch myself and jump into this month's Competition. I personally do a lot of dancing in my free time, so for me, music is a very physical feeling, thus this lovely wood nymph dancing to a chorus of birds or fish. Here are some of my sketches so far, I would love to hear any thoughts that come to mind.

    My main question is... I love the story of sketch number 3, of our lovely nymph dancing away and a menacing looking man creeping from behind the trees... if this were to be the one I would move forward with, are the other dancing poses more dynamic/would they help the composition more? Thoughts on taking any ingredients from one sketch to the next?

    Thanks in advance!
    0_1535551812823_SVS Music Sketches.jpg

  • @theemkat I really like the drama in the second thumbnail, with the uncertainty and risk of being so close to the edge but I like the comfort and textures of the trees and brook in the third one. If you could combine these two (2 and 3). Haha I just realised that number 1 has the edge and the trees but doesn't provide me with what I like from the other two.

    Its great that your starting this work even as the month is closing up.

    πŸ™‚ Heather Boyd

  • SVS OG

    Hi! I agree sketch 3 looks more interesting. I can’t tell which looks more dynamic as of the moment though but I would love to see how you render these ideas. Good luck!

  • Thank you both for the insight! @Heather-Boyd I wish there was such a thing as a peaceful brook next to a perilous cliff, because I loved your suggestion of mixing the two together. Instead of a cliff, I moved her to a slippery rock in the center of the stream, as someone with weak ankles, I'm going to say that is pretty risky too...

  • Here's an update! Oh boy... I have never really rendered so many of the items in this image (mostly rocks and water). I'm in for a wild ride here haha

    0_1535574314431_SVS ForestMusic.png

  • @theemkat to push your "weak ankles" and "slippery rock" a bit, perhaps have her legs/feet brace herself a bit more. You have the uncertainty of the rock especially if your able to make it look slippery (water). But right now she looks secure (standing on her tipy toes) while her upper body and arms are more fluid. Don't get me wrong I am sure bracing herself is what she wants and needs to do, but visually speaking and when some one stands more secure in such a certain circumstance, her legs wouldn't be straight up and down together. It would help emphasise "her control" of the circumstance. Just noticed her legs a twisted a but. I hope you understand me, I had to go back rewrite it a bit lols. Even having maybe one foot flat on the rock could help.

    πŸ™‚ Heather Boyd

  • @heather-boyd Ooo I love that advice, Heather! I'm wondering if "uncertain" it's a little different than what I'm trying to achieve for her though... I'm wanting the female character to appear carefree and in control, and the gentleman behind her to be more menacing (possibly curious? I'm going back and forth on how I want him to end up at this point).

    As this has developed, I'm reminded of the story of Muses. Maybe this gentleman has stumbled upon his muse and he's about to take some furious notes? Maybe he intends to capture her. Thus me going back and forth on him, and his just general "crouching" pose haha

    Here's another update! I'm going to double check her twisty legs...
    Thanks again πŸ™‚ 0_1535664910508_SVS ForestMusic.png

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