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    My name is Sam Maze, and I recently came to this forum after finding SVS through the podcast. Although I’m not as adept at drawing as most on this site, I have a knack for crafting stories and focusing on a compelling plotline. When I was fifteen, I began posting my story Rise onto the platform Wattpad, and now have over 130k reads and a growing following as I search for representation.

    After listening to the latest podcast, I felt inspired to connect to this community. If anyone is in need of feedback on their story or prose (I’m specialized in YA Fantasy/Magical Realism—think How to Train Your Dragon) I’m offering my knowledge to help grow the art of storytelling.

  • Gah I'm trying to improve my writing. I have fun concepts, but find it difficult to pull together. I'm going to try to get a webcomic going soon so I may take you up on that offer. Let me know if you ever want to collaborate on a comic of some kind.

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    Hallo Sam! I´ve read through a couple of your blog posts and yes - you definitely know how to write! They are witty, concise and yet very informative: I know how tricky it is to write like that, I used to write scripts for short videos and copy for websites.
    Could you share the link to your story?
    I do write quite a lot - fiction is new to me and I struggle with plotting, though it´s getting better the more I write. I write picture books (4-8 year old) and midgrade (short stories, mostly). No magical realism though...
    I have several critique partners, but I’m always on the lookout for more feedback, particularly when it comes from somebody who evidently knows how to write!
    Maybe I could offer some cover work in exchange?

  • @naters-calderone That sounds like a wonderful idea! I don't know if you can send direct messages on this forum, but feel free to expand upon that here, or reach out to me on social media (5amMaze) and I'd be happy to help. 🙂

  • @smceccarelli Thank you! You're so kind. ^_^ Yes, you can find my Wattpad profile here: . Let me know when you would like to work together, and I'm available most days. You can direct message me, reach out on social media (5amMaze on my platforms) or expand upon it more here.

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