"The ART of sharing Joy"- A place to share stories of making someone smile when you shared your art.

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    @Will-Terry , I would love to hear your experiences about this kinda thing on the podcast. Many of us are trying to get better as artists, but may never get published. Even so, I think finding the joy in your work during the learning phase is crutial. For me this brings the greatest satisfaction as an artist. When I can express how I feel about someone and they in turn feel it. When the work becomes more than just the marks on the paper.

    I LOVE all the professional advise. It’s rare to find people who really present that type of material in a way that is easy to understand and apply it. But.... I think a slight diversion every once in a while to the hobbiest isn’t a bad thing. Thanks!

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    @whitney-simms I’ve done three paintings for family members and am giving them all with the caveat “Feel free to put this in a closet because next year I hope to be even better.” I am really fortunate however to have a wonderful son who specifically asked for a painting for Christmas to be supportive of my hobby. It was so sweet.

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    @demotlj that's awesome your son asked for your artwork. I'm sure it will be lovely. I know the bird is turning out nicely. I love giving art as a Christmas gift. There isn't quite as much pressure. I made art for one of my brothers a few years ago specifically for his powder room. I made a piece for my dad last year to go in his office upstairs, but he liked it so much he put it in the kitchen. But isn't it nice to see growth over the years as we see work for years past. I'm sure they will be better next year, but I know they will also be good, strong, filled with love paintings this year too!

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    Yesterday I had another special experience. I painting a friend’s dog and cat. This isn’t someone I’m super close to, but my heart was sad for her. She lost two long time pets within a month of each other. I told her next time I saw her I would have a painting for her. Of course I waited till the last minute to paint it. I didn’t think they turned out well at all! I mean, really not great work. I wasn’t even sure i wanted to give it to her. And i had no time to repaint it before she was coming to the house. Okay, she’s my cleaner, don’t judge. I’m a messy person.

    Anyways, she loved them. There were tears. And a million hugs. It goes to show that even if we are insecure about our work (this time it was warranted) people can truly feel that you care about them. It “truly touched her heart”. I just wanted to try and give her something to let her know I was thinking about her and this hard time. She had that cat and dog longer than I have been a mother! My oldest is 12. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose someone that has been part of your happiness for so long.

    So share away! A gift from the heart is always well received. (Well, probably, but it is always worth the try!)

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    This is a great idea for a page Whitney. I started a Monster project a couple of years ago. I draw monsters according to kids descriptions and then post them on facebook. It's a really fun challenge for me and the kids love to see their monsters come to life as I interpret them. This year I cut a bunch of post card watercolor cards and painted them directly on the card and sent them to the kids. It's nice to use my art for something and I don't need to keep it so, this works out really nicely for me. I live in a small space with my husband (a fifth wheel) so I like to keep things small 🙂

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    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen What a great idea! How fun to see their little creations come to life. I would love to see them. I really like 5x7s too. It is a great way to feel a sense of completion with that size. I bet the kids and people that receive your postcards are so happy. Way to bring joy to others!!!!

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    065DB135-5AD3-467D-9031-12C9A563A442.jpeg 7F350B61-2137-4C1E-9CB3-9A07DEBAEC89.jpeg

    My heart is pretty heavy today. I did a portrait of my husband’s cousin who passed away on Monday. He was an amazing person. The life of the party and made everyone he met feel like they were his best friend. I usually only do these portraits when someone passes. It’s my way of dealing with loss and telling my family I love them.

    I was already working on my 22 feathers project when we got the news about Steven. My nephew Wesley would’ve been 22 on st Patrick’s day. He passed when he was 19. The feathers I was going to make into a fabric pattern. But more importantly I was going to print them and make them into 22 bookmarks. I was going to give them to my brother and sister in law. They would be placed all around. Kinda like an art drop. A way to spread all the love that Wesley gave shares with everyone he met.

    I’m kinda tired of sharing our family members with heaven. I know the plan. I know why. But my heart is broken for Jared’s aunt Estelle.

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    @Whitney-Simms sorry for your families loss. It never gets easier when someone passes. The older we get it seems the more people start to leave us. My whole life I feel I been surrounded by loss. As a kid my grandparents, late teens my sister, in my adult years, friends and my father. I feel art is a great way to deal with those feelings as well as honoring the ones who left us to soon.

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    @Chip-Valecek Thanks Chip. I think the more people I lose in my life parts of it are harder and others seem bareable. I know we will eventually find the new normal without them. And life will go in. But on the other hand, I know that the desire and want to be with them will never go away. There will never be a time that I don’t long for conversations and hugs. Moments I want with them.

    Sounds like you have been delt a lion’s share of loved ones gone too early. Sorry friend. That’s a hard road to go.

    I have found comfort in the drawings. His mom and brother and sister were thankful for it. I find that a drawing isn’t a snap shot of a moment in the past. It’s a way to capture the spirit of a person. The spirit that is still real and watching over us.

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    Beautiful drawings and a beautiful gift to your family.

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    I am not sharing this to say “hey, look what I did.” I am just letting you know your art makes a difference. Your art means so much more to people than you could ever realize. I am so humbled that my simple gesture could mean anything more that a smile to whom I share it with. If you feel lead to paint or draw something for someone, PLEASE DO IT! It doesn’t have to be fancy or even good, knowing that you care enough to do something can mean so much. I know I have been on the receiving end of acts of love so many times and it has meant the world. Homemade bread is my favorite if anyone is ever in Charlotte. Just saying!

    @chrisaakins that painting you did of the savior hugging the young man, I am still thinking of that. So beautiful!

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    @Whitney-Simms It's nice to know that our art can make a differenct to someone.

  • @Whitney-Simms awww. I am glad it was a blessing to you.

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