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    I was going through some old art, and I thought I would share some of my early illustration efforts, as encouragement to keep going. Feel free to share your own work, it would be fun to see how others have grown over the years.

    0_1534481422310_page 1.jpg
    -"Snow white and rose red" 2004

    "Sleeping Beauty" 2004


  • Love it! You've come a long way, but you still had a lot of things going for you in these pieces. I'm loving that middle illustration. Princesses in castles, with cool floor reflections? Yes please!

    Here's my contribution. These were all done in October 2013. I did a burst of illustrations for a daily October challenge and then didn't do my own work, just studies, for several years after. Facepalm.

    0_1534534803421_new work3.jpg

    0_1534534816873_Scary baby stairs resized.jpg

    0_1534534832800_Pumpkin patch family resized.jpg

  • @stringfellowart @TessaW

    Wow! You've both come a long way! It's amazing how much progress (and massive style changes) can be made over the years.

    As for mine...

    Black pen on sketchbook. 'Round 2011-2012

    alt text

    And since I have a visual record of the past four years or so at a page or two a week here's old pages of me webcomic! Much embarrassment!

    Page one!

    alt text

    Early attempts at colour:
    alt text

    Aaaaaaaand newest page:

    alt text

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