• I am just curious about the name SVSThinkific. Specifically about the "Thinkific" part. Is it pronounced "Think-if-ick," "Think-If-I-See," "Thin-K, if I see?," "Think-Eye-Fick," or some other way.

    Also, what does it mean? I get the "Think" part. And I get it if it is pronounced "Think-If-I-See" as that would imply that the illustration gives one more information to ponder upon. But is there a better (maybe simpler) story behind the name?

    Just curious.

  • @larry-whitler Its simple, thinkific is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution to house all of their courses and manage their subscription base.

  • @chip-valecek Hey Chip, yes. I sort of figured that. I was just curious about the name origins. Thanks for answering. By the way, I love your work and your dedication to this forum.

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