How much should you pay or offer to a mentor?

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    I have some questions I would love to just sit and chat with another artist that is in the business. Someone that currently does exactly what I would like to do. I have a few in mind. Printing, boxes, bar codes, websites vs Etsy. If I was to set up a “consult call,” what should I offer to pay her. I know the svs peeps said it is kinda nice to pay a professional. They get questions all the time and to take an hour out of a professionals day is really asking quite a bit. I totally get that. My husband gets calls NON STOP in his profession. He’s a lawyer. Everyone in the world asks him for advice. Which is flattering (not really), but exhausting. Especially when it has nothing to do with his type of practice. Sorry, I get ramblie sometimes. 😜 see, I can’t have a short conversation.

    So what should I offer someone? $10 or $2000? I really don’t have a ballpark to go from.

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    @whitney-simms Have you checked this out? Might be a great place to start.

  • I don't know a whole lot about this subject, but I have been quoted about $125 per hour-ish long session for a mentor to review work and help set goals. And here is a link for a monthly mentorship by Peter Mohrbacher

  • @HilariousBosch Did you see the links in the two posts above this one?

  • @eli No I didn't, thank you!

  • I've seen everything from pay for my coffee, to $30/month for a whole group, $30/half an hour on skype, $500/hour.

    I think it's rude to decide for people what their time is worth. I know this is not your intention but this is how they might perceive it. don't offer them a price...let them know you appreciate their time and value their knowledge and explain that you're starting a business and need their help but that you understand that they have other commitments and you don't want to be a burden then ask them for what they want for a half an hour or an hour of their time. let them know if you want this to be a monthly thing till you get your business on its feet.

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