If I signed a contract giving ownership over to the client...

  • Can I still use that image in my portfolio?

    @davidhohn 😉

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    @eric-castleman Caveat: I'm not an IP attorney and for the best information you should contact one.

    The exact wording of your contract would be needed to evaluate properly. But if you signed a contract that states anywhere in it "Work Made for Hire" then no you can not use the image in your portfolio. Reproducing that image in your portfolio is one of the aspects of copyright now owned and controlled by your client. (One of the many reasons I am not a fan of WFH)

    You could always ask the client for permission and it's quite likely they would grant it. Or you could just put it in your portfolio anyway. It is an infringement, but hopefully the client would deem it not an "actionable" one.

  • Thanks for the info. I will play it on the safe side and not have it then. There is a good chance they will want me back from what I understand, so I don't want to burn this bridge.

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    @eric-castleman like @davidhohn said, you can always ask. "Hey, I love how this piece turned out, do you mind if I show it in my portfolio?" My experience has been that people are more than happy to let you use the piece in this way. And it's an extra compliment to them, that the work they asked for is amazing enough to represent you.

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    @davidhohn I would also add asking for permission to show on social media. There may be permission granted with legal added on the image and/or i the meta data.

    EDIT: That is, assuming you would want to show it on social media. Of course, once you have the image on your site, it is available for anyone to share on social media.

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    @quietyell Yes, if you signed a WFH contract you would also need to get permission from the client to reproduce the image on social media.

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