Loving "Krita": painting my Mushroom Village project

  • This is my second adventure doing a proper digital painting. I prefer to focus on traditional painting, but when going digital, at least for now, I still like to do a hand drawing, take a photo of it and paint in some software that I like.

    Last time I used GIMP, which is pretty much like a free and very professional alternative to Photoshop.

    Now I am trying Krita. Also a free digital painting software, but with no focus on photomanipulation (like the many tools you have in Photoshop or GIMP), only painting. I am just falling in love with it! Flows very nicely and it really felt closer to a traditional painting style.

    I am continuing an illustration that I couldn't finish for the mushroom village contest, and it is becoming a small personal project by itself. I am developing some of the characters and scenarios on the side. This is so far the most complete scene I am developing. It is still a WIP and I will continue painting it.

    0_1533056785594_There may be light - Painting 01 Low Res.png

  • @diego_biosteam This looks really interesting. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I may have to try out that program too. I am curious how the process works.

  • This is how the progress is going. I still have a lot that I want to work on the painting. Already took me about 12 hours (but spread over a few days).

    0_1533914941912_There may be light - Painting 03 Low Res.png

  • SVS OG

    @diego_biosteam looking good

  • Finally finished this piece!

    0_1535270944097_There may be light - Painting 04 - Low Res.png

  • Yay! Love it! It's magical, and I love the play of the cool vs warm lighting and how you've separated them so distinctly.

  • Thanks @TessaW
    I am glad you liked it!

    It was an idea me and my wife had. Creatures living in two different worlds, but somehow connected.

  • Woah man, that rocks!!! It's looking great!
    Interesting color pallette and the concept is inviting as well. You can base a whole book on that one illustration.

  • @tianlian Wow!!! Thanks! Yeah, as I was planning this illustration I did other sketches of the main character (the furry one catching the light). May be turning it into some story!

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