how does it feel to draw directly on the screen? anyone tried the fujitsu t904?

  • does anyone have the fujitsu t904? I have a wacom tablet but i'm considering buying a laptop and someone recommended it. On my tablet I had to put an A4 paper because drawing on plastic with the pen annoys me. how does it feel to draw directly on the screen?

  • I have a Surfacebook2. It's a windows laptop with a removable/reversible screen that you can draw directly onto. I love it. It took a few hours to get used to, and now it's my favourite way to draw.
    I use a free program called Autodesk sketchbook, you can manipulate the 'paper' with your hand as you draw. Look it up, it's amazing.

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    I'm with @kylebeaudette , I have the Surface Pro 4 and really like the drawfeel of it. You can get a pencil nib pack with 4 types of friction on it. The standard HB one is great - there's a little drag like you're actually drawing with a pencil. Some stores have display models so you could try it out for yourself.

  • @carriecopa what program are you using?

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    @kylebeaudette I use Clip Studio Paint and sometimes Photoshop.

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    I have the surfacebook and run photoshop, love it! I used to have a monoprice 19in digital monitor but when my desktop started to die, i looked into a new desktop with an upgrade to a wacom. But then I came across the surfacebook and works great for work and drawing. I also have the extra tips. I would love to get the surface studio, but its a little pricey.

  • @kylebeaudette thank you! will check it out 😃

  • @chip-valecek what does the surface studio do that sufracebook can't? and how much are each roughly?

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    @heidi-ahmad My surface book was about $1400, the surface studio which is a desktop vs laptop is about $4500. I can not justify that price, I had a hard time with the $1400. When you have 4 kids in all sorts of activities there is no extra money. But since my other computer died I was able to work it out. Here is a link to them all I enjoy being able to take the surface book anywhere and draw. Like over the weekend, I sat on my deck and was able to paint. With a desktop, you are stuck in the house/office.

    I guess it would come down to what you need. If you already have a computer and not looking to upgrade or get a laptop, I would look into just getting the monitor. I heard good things about these. The monoprice one I had is similar to the GT-190s. Only issue i had is there would be random pen marks would show up. I guess some sort of bug with the hardware, i was able to work with it fine. You get what you pay for with these off brands, but they are getting better and hopefully wacom will start to lower their prices.

  • @heidi-ahmad I have a cintiq 12w or something like that. I have never had any issues with the glass annoying me. In fact I find it really smooth. I did have to make a makeshift glove for those hot days when my hand sweats. LOL

  • @chip-valecek woh $4500 😮
    I would still need to save that extra $1400 to get the laptop. like you said, i could take it anywhere. thank you for the detailed answer with all the links 😃 i appreciate it

  • @haroartist glad you're happy with the cintiq but I'd rather pay that money on a laptop.

    btw plastic pen on plastic wacom tablet was only a little less annoying than nails on chalk board xD
    I'm waiting for that day when it's normal to paint on screen with real brushes so I wouldn't have to press hard on the pen 😣 and you wouldn't need to keep your hand on the screen either 😃 no more gloves in the summer
    thank you for your review 😃

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