Fall classes update?

  • SVS OG

    Just checking in about the fall classes because I am thinking about planning a vacation this year for September, but as of last spring there were at least two live SVS classes that I wanted to take in the fall, which would make things quite busy (in a good way!) at home.

    Any update on the classes, particularly environments and children's books? When would they start? I just took a week-long brick and mortar workshop and am realizing how much good live interaction does one artistically, how much synergy it brings to the illustration process, and how hard one works under a deadline. Turbocharging was like that too. So I'm looking for other such occasions.

    So yes, as weird as it may sound, I am planning my vacation around the fall SVS classes! It's worth carving out the time. Besides, as I discovered last week, my travel backpack is way too heavy with both a Cintiq and a laptop in it. 😛

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