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  • First time posting here and doing this contest.

    I doodle a lot of ideas, just to show all of you how I do my process, I start with little thumbnails generating different ideas, The ones that I like the most are:

    • some creatures under the couch hunting some pop corn,
    • a veggies squads hidden from bad guys,
    • but then the idea that I love the most was is a little girl moon with an asteroid playing jokes to the sun. (like a hide and seek game)

    So I start Polishing this idea and the characters:
    0_1531978662046_02Sketches.jpg 0_1531978667934_03Sketches.jpg

    At the end I came up with 2 final sketches:

    • First: The sun didn't see who is making fun of him.
    • Second: The sun is sleeping and didn't even notice that every other planet is making fun of him , because of this little two kids.


    Wich composition do you guys like the most? BTW I feel that I need to polish the sun a little bit more ( at least in the one he's sleeping). Thanks for your comments.

  • Looks great to me! I think the option where the sun's awake better conveys the 'hidden' aspect.

    Looking forward to seeing it coloured!

  • @donfito said in Hidden WIP:
    Hello there and welcome! I really like your creatures under the couch hunting for popcorn concept. It has a rich backstory. I know they love popcorn! What else do they want from this clueless homeowner? You could easily come up with a series of illustrations on this theme. It could be a really fun project. Nice sketches.

  • @art-of-b thanks a lot I was more decide for that one too. next step colors 😃

  • @tom-shannon Thank you Tom, it was really difficult to choose between the two ideas, but I went for the space theme because I want to try different color lights, at the end I'm going to paint the other one too in the future. but now I just want to improve my lighting skill.

  • First color update :), at least the background , still a lot of details to add but this is what I have right now, hope to finish this on time.
    ( asteroid still WIP )


  • Wow these look good. Especially the color update, harmonizes together. Would you mind me asking how you upload pictures like this? New to the forum and would like to start participating in these contests

  • SVS OG

    @donfito This is cool! Just a reminder, though, to watch your values on the little characters in the foreground. They're hiding from the sun not the viewers so you can fudge the lighting on them a bit to make them an easier read. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  • @donfito

    Oh wow! I love the colours!

    If you'd like advice/small critique, read further 🙂

    -I do agree with Jon Anderson, though. Our friend the mischievous asteroid needs a bit of bounce light to keep him from getting lost in the image.

    -Make a copy, desaturate it and fiddle with values from there.

    Loving it so far 🙂

  • @leothejediartist sorry for my late reply, been busy days, when you post theres a little icon with an arrow to upload your images, this button 0_1532975039231_Untitled-1.jpg

    and hope to see your works soon.!

  • @jon-anderson thank you, your comment helps a lot took my time doing the light but I think it works nice what do you think? any comments and critics are welcome

  • @art-of-b thank your for comments I really appreciated , let me know what you think with my last update.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Another color update:

    • work the front part to make it more integrated with the colors. (thank you @jon-anderson and @art-of-b)
    • I think I need to add more particles to the front part, litte rocks.
    • Now I'm working on the planets , still deciding if I need to make it smaller but I guess when I have the sun I'll know if I need to do that.
    • I didn't put the basket at the end, for some reason I don't feel it adds something.

    Let me know what you think, comments and critiques are welcome.


  • SVS OG

    @donfito That's working better!

  • Nice! I think it's much improved. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • Here's my final image, hope you like it and thanks for all the comments to make it better!

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