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  • The last two challenges I've started, but not been able to finish. First day sketch done so I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS ONE!

    So I roughed out a few ideas and I like this one best. A strange door hidden in plain-ish sight. I may put in some kind of creature observing the hikers to have something happening in the left side of the image, but I like the sense of a vast empty forest beyond the door and hikers.

    I can't wait to see what others come up with for this prompt. It's nice and open.

    Any thoughts, comments and criticisms are most appreciated. Thanks!

    alt text

  • I really like this! It's an interesting angle, and it makes me wonder what's behind that door. My only concern is that it looks like a person couldn't get the door open because of the rocks (unless it opens inward), but that's a really minor thing.

  • That was fast! I love this! I think it would be worth exploring the creature, but I'm kind of loving it as is. I hope you finish this month!

  • This is so creative! Loving it so far

  • @twiggyt

    You're right. That door doesn't look particularly useable. I think I'll change that up a wee bit. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • @tessaw

    I hope I finish this month, too! I always get close...

  • Made a few changes from suggestions. Monsters are always scarier (but friendlier?) as silhouettes.

    alt text

  • 'nother update with super rough values. Last couple of times I've tried painting a la Mr. Terry, but since I want to finish I'm much more comfortable with ink. Changed a few small things. I may just do more foresty clutter instead of close trees in the foreground.

    alt text

  • Work progresses!

    I'm going to restart the colours from scratch and start with a value layer (like, a detailed value layer) first this time (as apparently is good/standard practice). In my comic I just lay down local colour and shade with multiply layers but with an illustration the values need to be much more spot-on.

    alt text

  • @art-of-b can I suggest that he cave is glowing so the monster can have a bit of a silhouette this will let you darken all of the underside of the rocks in saturated cool colors

  • @rcartwright

    That's where I was thinkin' of heading, too, colour-wise. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • Work progresses! I like the direction it's heading, but will probably fiddle with colours (dunno if I like the purple for the cave)

    alt text

  • Looks already really nice.

  • @Art-of-B Your perspective is really nice. I do wish that the door appear less "human" and more natural or organic working in with the rock or crystal formation. Almost all angles are leading from the left to the right and the door wood growth is going from the right to the left. I don't mind that but the door angle is too extreme and draws my eye first and becomes distracting. But I appreciate line of sight, through the trees to the door, up the staircase rock formation to the last hiker and then your eye moves to the right hiker. Definitely a wandering eye from our perspective, lols. If a creature observing from our /that perspective, would a creature necessarily need to look towards the door, unless they are afraid their "secret" home/door would be discovered. I'm reading deep into this, lols. Your work is definitely fun and pushes your audience to the beyond.

    • Sorry this response is for your original post. Ill check now your continued work in progress.

    Commenting on the newer ones, I like the hikers glowing in the sunlight, but I really miss those trees, gave further depth and hid the nakedness of the rocks so to speak lols. And I see you got those mushrooms in.

    =)Heather B.

  • SVS OG

    @art-of-b Loving this concept and perspective. Would pull back on the darkness of the cave a bit for better visibility.

  • @heather-boyd

    Thank you for the feed back 🙂

    The rocks rather do look naked without the trees/bushes in the foreground. I'll be adding them back in, I think. They definitely add another layer of depth to the piece.

  • @johanna-kim

    Thanks! That's a good call on the darkness of the cave. I'll lighten it up to make things a bit clearer.

  • This is shaping up really beautifully! I do admit I miss the psychedelic quality of the first sketch where it looked like that door was high up a cliff, and gravity defying. But, your changes still make for a really strong illustration. It's really fun seeing this shape up.

  • Work continues! I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore, but I'm gonna keep plugging away at it.

    alt text

  • @art-of-b This is really coming along nicely!

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