General Critique on personal piece WIP

  • Hi everyone! I'm working on this personal painting of a sushi chef kitty! Having fun with it so far but i just wanted some general critique on the lighting, composition, all that good stuff, before moving forward with it. I'm stumped on how to paint the knife! Any critique is highly appreciated. 0_1530419241221_sushicatUNFINISHED.jpg

  • @amelia-bothe This is looking really good! The perspective and shading on the hat is bang on. Overall, some aspects look fantastic but there are a few things that my eye gets hung up on. 1) the perspective of the blade doesn't quite line up with the handle. To give it some shine, you need some bright highlights. 2) the foreshortening on the legs looks odd to me. Could be a shading thing, but they don't look quite right. Also, the dramatic bump on the right side looks funny. Dislocated shoulder? 3) The tip of the cat's tail ends behind the fish tail which makes it look incomplete. Also, the way the tail is all white and then goes tabby is confusing. 4) I think overall, you need more shadows to show depth. Under the legs, tail, hat etc.. And some brighter highlights on the eyes, knife, nose... I realise it's a WIP and that these things may be part of the plan but thought I would mention it anyway. Nice work overall, just needs a few nudges!

  • @amelia-bothe I was looking at this on my iPhone , so the image was quite small. It looked like there were two white objects, possibly mushrooms , on top of the fish , the legs of the animal looked as though they were behind the table. It wasn't until I zoomed in to the image that I saw what was going on . The darker color on the fur is rather hard edged, and where you have ended it above the white of the paw is creating a tangent with the edge of the table which makes it hard to delineate. Just an opinion, Chris

  • It's a really strong piece. I think the values are a little too similar which makes the foreground blend in with the background. Like @amelia-bothe said watch the perspective on the knife and add a little shadow behind the right leg. One thing I'd add is make the eyes a little bigger and more feline. That being said it's a well drawn and well painted piece. I really like it!

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