Laughing Furball

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    Taking time away from my Mushroom Village piece I did this weeks prompt over at the JimBobDrawingShow. I went back to my most comfortable style to work in.


    I also put the time lapse up on my YouTube channel which you can view here:

    I hope you enjoy and of course any feedback is welcome!

  • Ya know it's a nice piece when the initial reaction is emotional. I laughed. I couldn't help it. The smile and the expressions just drew it out of me. I can almost hear them. 🙂 Love the added dental work with the braces. Although, I just noticed as I typed this, shouldn't there be a bar that goes to the other side of the mouth too?

    What medium do you use?

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @hbryant I use photoshop. The braces were an after thought cause two of my kids got them yesterday.

  • Ah! Cute. 🙂 Well, except the experience of braces. My sister had them and hated them. But, teeth need to be straight right? heh. 🙂

    That's Photoshop? I'm more and more amazed at how real-medium-like Photoshop is able to create in images. I thought it was something like Krita, or Sketchbook.


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