Hello from the sandpit!

  • Hey everyone, I'm Leilani, an illustrator from the UK currently living and working in Dubai, UAE.

    I've been freelancing since I graduated 10 years ago, but sporadically - the majority of my time is dedicated to my day job in Graphic Design, which I do enjoy... However, my goal for the next 5 years is to build up my illustration clients so I can freelance full time.

    This forum seems really friendly and full of a variety of talent keen on giving useful critiques and support. I hope it's fine that I'm not an SVS student, I would love to stick around the forums 🙂

    Here's a sample of my work, and you're very welcome to visit my portfolio website www.tao.cx (the more polished stuff) or follow me on instagram @instaleilani (doodles, sketches, random photos!)

    Looking forward to getting to know you all via the forum posts!


  • Welcome Leilani! Love your work!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @lei welcome to the forums! There are plenty of users on the forums that are not students. But becoming a subscriber is so very worth it. So much great content.

  • @lei Spent some time in the sand myself , feeling for you, glad you could join the forum. meep on, Chris

  • @TessaW @Chip-Valecek @C-Davies Thanks guys for the welcome!

    Chip - Yes, the content does seem pretty awesome. I'm loving the 3 point perspective podcast (that's how I found about the forum!) so who knows, in future I may end up signing up to something 🙂

    C.Davies - Ah wow, where and when did you live here? Yes, it's damn hot right now, Summer has started! But I can't complain too much, with friends and family based here it's a great place.

  • @lei hi , sorry I didn't mean to mislead you , I have never lived in Dubai , l lived in Tehran Iran when I was a kid for several years, I remember a day when it was 110 Fahrenheit in the shade, and yes lots of sand, Chris

  • @c-davies Oooh, no worries! I'd love to visit Iran, I hear that it is beautiful. And yup - it's about that temperature in the daytime lately 😃

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