In person art groups - yeh or nay?

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    I have been thinking about hooking into one of those Urban Sketching groups near my area ( can’t find any groups specific to illustration) just to be able to connect with like minded folks and maybe learn some new things. But, of course, am super intimidated and as a self taught beginner, am not sure what to expect, if it would be better to just save the gas money for more ‘Art of ‘books instead. 😃

    I wonder if anyone is part of an in-person drawing/art group that meets regularly and whether you find it has been helpful in improving your skills?

  • I am part of a ladies art group from my church at one of the ladies home. I am more into Illustration and one is more of a painter selling her own work and another is just starting out. I am the youngest. But if you can find a supportive group, face-to-face interaction, it really boosts your mood and pumps you up. You may not always agree but kindness and mutual respect for each other's works and progress goes a long way. Remember, being self-taught does not mean you have nothing to offer others, you are just coming from a different perspective and that can carry fair weight. So I would say try it out!

    @MissMushy 🙂

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    I`ve been to a few sketch groups organized by the local SCBWI chapter - I’m actually going to one session today! I find them to be good networking occasions and break the monotony and loneliness of freelance work. I don’t consider them necessarily good for doing art (there are most definitely better ways to practice or progress a project), but I don’t think that’s the point. It´s more about interacting in person, boosting your mood and getting out of your own head. If I can spare the time, I try to take the chance to see other creative people.

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    @heather-boyd thanks for the advice. it is true I do tend to think of my “self taught” self as being less than - like I am tuning into a program already in process and am constantly playing catch up.

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    @smceccarelli thanks for your response - you’re right about getting stuck in one’s head - can definitely relate to that!
    I shall look into the SCBWI in my area although I suspect there won’t be one nearby. I know there is one in Toronto but the commute there for me is ridiculous!

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