Mushroom Village WIP

  • Hi everyone, I've been working hard on my MV and I'm pretty happy with it overall. I've got the flat color blocked in for the most part and a few key shadows but I'm a bit stuck. I feel like I have good control over the small areas, but the larger ones are tricky. And this large grassy area is just scary. My shading just ends up looking messy. I'm using a watercolour brush in Photoshop. How do you guys get that nice watercolour effect with control?? No traditional experience here which is part of my problem. Any tips?
    0_1529009623303_mushroom village-1.jpg

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @bnewman As far as the large grass area I think it is fine as is, maybe add a little texture but don't go crazy on the details there. I would start to push your values some more. Right now everything seems to be the same tone. For example the mushroom house all the way in back is the same color as the one up front. Depending on where your light is coming from one would be darker or lighter then the other.

  • @bnewman
    I don't really know how to create the effect you are looking for, but Will Terry adds an acrylic texture to his digital painting in his "10 Step Digital Painting" class. He describes it in the bonus video, "TSDP 12 texture", so you can check that out and see if it's useful for what you want to do.

  • For what you are doing I would find some watercolor textures and lay them in and then mask out what you don't want and set them at a low opacity and warp them around to fit the forms. You may find what you need in Will's mixed media class there is an entire pack of free watercolor textures.

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