Reliable yet affordable pen display monitors?

  • Looking to upgrade to a larger "canvas" for my digital work. Something in the 20-22 inch area. I even looked at some cintiqs on Amazon but they are still way out of my budget. If anyone has tried any alternatives I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks, everyone!

  • I recently got the newest Huion, KAMVAS Amazon Link. And it has been fantastic so far! You can't lower it to a flat 180 degrees without some wobble but any of the other angle settings and it is super sturdy. It doesn't have the same tech as Wacom in the pens so you get a rechargable pen that you have to "adjust" to the screen by touching certain points. I was skeptical about that the most, but as long as you setup the tablet at the angle you are comfortable with it should be fine, I haven't had any issues with it. I am definitely glad I made the purchase, and haven't had any complaints so far.

  • SVS OG

    I haven't purchased or used one but I've been on the fence about getting an Artisul D16 and I know they just made a new 21" called the D22. I haven't made the purchase yet due to unique computer and portability circumstances but I like how it has hotkeys built into it and a little less parallax. I've enjoyed watching Brad Colbow's reviews of many different displays and such. Search his YouTube channel and you'll find he's reviewed nearly every display on the market. Here's his review of the D22. Hope you find what suit's you best!

  • I should also add if you're going with an off brand like I did, it is probably best to buy the latest model from whichever brand you end up choosing. This is because like for the Huion tablets, a lot of issues from earlier models were worked out in the newer ones and you can see this in a lot of the reviews from older models to newer. I was close to buying one of older ones for half the price I paid for the one I ended up getting but after doing enough research and review reading/watching, I went with the newest model and it worked out like a charm so far!

  • @cjones The Xp Pen display 22hd I just recommend it on the other thread on the forum if you want to read that.It should be around £400 .I have had no problems and the big screen really helps I have never regretted buying this one I also have a small cintq which I could not see on

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