Mushroom Abduction

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    Here is my sketch for the mushroom village. Aliens love the taste of magic mushrooms, thats probably why their eyes are so dilated. Any critiques?


  • You said they like to eat the mushrooms, not the mushroom creatures! I really like the composition.

  • I really like the aliens tong, I am sure the mushroom people look tasty solely by his his dog slurping tong lols. Maybe even a little saliva or watery mouth.

    I am a bit puzzled by the size proportion of the alien and the mushroom in the foreground being either the same size or the alien being twice that of the mushroom vs the mushrooms being sucked up by his comrade's ships. In comparison the ships would not hold the mushroom nor the alien crew, proportion wise. My only thought is if the alien ships only held one alien, yet it still be quite large in comparison for a single ship. I do realise the mushrooms get smaller as they go up. I am using the far left corner one as reference.

    🙂 @Chip-Valecek

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    @heather-boyd good call on the size of the UFOs I guess with the pod in the middle it would look like a single pilot. I will change up the design of those. They are meant to be in the distance.

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    @miriam The mushroom creatures are like the cream filling lol.

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    Here is the cleaned up sketch. I am going to try and push myself to do something different this month on how I go about painting it. I watched a few of Matt Dixon videos I purchased awhile ago and I love the feel he gets with his paintings. In case you are not familiar with him you can see some of his stuff here Anyway his style is completely opposite of how I usually work.


  • @chip-valecek
    Thanks for sharing the link. I really like his "Transmissions" style!
    I like the change you made to the space ships. They look much bigger now.

  • @chip-valecek Looks cool man. I love Matt Dixon's style. Can't wait to see how you get on. Lots of funky light sources here. Quite the challenge you've set yourself! Critique-wise, the big alien feels a bit stiff to me. That's an awkward way to eat don't you think? I would be down on one knee and maybe not twisting my head so much, but hey, I'm only human. 🙂

  • Oh cool, thanks for the link to Matt Dixon's site. His stuff is really cool and will be going in my artist bookmarks. Can't wait to see how you use some of his techniques.

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    I found he shares more on his instagram - He makes it look so easy in his videos to pull off this look, however I am struggling. I even created my own brush that I enjoy using just hard for me to stay so loose at first when I have always kept it tight. Hopefully I can share the value piece soon.

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    Following the steps of Matt Dixon, work on one layer and block in your values. So here is that. Need to tweak the values a little, but his next step is to tone the piece flatten it all and set it to multiple and add colors below. Then flatten again to pull it all together. I sure hope it all works out. I already put in tons of time. Going to sit on this for the weekend since its going to be like 100 out here and relax in the pool. Let me know if something is wrong or not working.


  • @chip-valecek I suggest darkening the occlusion shadows a bit on the foreground area. I also feel like it looks a bit awkward where the mushroom meets the alien's back. I wonder if you just added another white spot on the mushroom there, if it would resolve that issue?

  • @Chip-Valecek I agree with @tessaw, the mushroom behind the big alien is bothering me where they overlap as well.
    I didn't notice this before, but the top of mushroom in the front is bigger on left side than on the right, & the one in the background behind it is slightly bigger on the left side as well. This isn't necessarily a problem, but I thought I'd point it out in case you did want them to be more symmetrical.

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    So I decided to go with a more psychedelic feel so i added in lighting that will come from the bottom and top spots. I also added a new spot on the mushroom by the Alien. @TessaW as far as the occlusion shadows, that will be punched in more when I do the color render. @Miriam you are correct as I wanted everything to be uneven. Thanks for the great feedback everyone. Onto color this week.


  • I like this latest version!

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    Got all the color in and now I will sit on it for a few days before I submit. Any thing that needs to be tweaked or crits are welcome. FYI not to much mind altering drugs were used to complete this.


  • This may be just me but I find it unusual that the colour of the aliens lights would be the same as the lights glowing from the mushroom houses. As aliens are alien/foriegn from the mushroom planet, not that aliens have to be so different but keeping them the same colours seems counter productive. There is a small yellow mushroom in the middle ground and it seems to be the only one. I know your almost finished and its coming together well. You are further than me. This week I will cram in mine. Idea set just not sure what medium.

    I do quite like the purple glowing veins on the front mushroom, that is very sticking. And I really love the star light and how the ship lights and mushroom lights twinkle.


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    @heather-boyd good catch on the yellow mushroom. I will get that fixed up. It might be hard for me to change the UFO lights. This is the first time I am trying to paint on one layer. I might be able to select and change the hue on them. I will see what I can do. Maybe since there are so many cool colors I can introduce a warm color. I will see what I can do. Thanks for the feedback.

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    @chip-valecek i think we are losing the silhouette of the alien. Your original value black and white version was a darker figure on a lighter background. Maybe lighten up the background?

  • Heya, yes I have to agree with @holleywilliamson about the alien in the colour version vs the b/w... does the Alien need to be green at all (too 'normal' for an alien)?

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