Mushroom Village Wip - thoughts...

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    I'm working on my mushroom village idea, any thoughts welcome. thanks. 0_1528406486683_mushroom village light test.jpg

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    I like the shapes you have and the idea but the characters are hard to read after the mushroom. If they are to be a focal point and/ot story elements you might need to adjust the values of them or the background behind them so that they are easier to spot. You could also experiment with a close crop to see the faces better while retaining the mushroom. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  • Hi @Jason-Bowen

    I like the soft lighting but maybe play more with that, flickering details on the leaves and dance on the mushroom =). However, I hope you push the story more with the two people, something I could sink into, emotionally connect with. She is leaving and is he hesitant to go after her or merely saying goodbye for the day.


  • This already has a very intriguing, powerful feeling to it, in my opinion. I think the softness of it all at this stage gives it a sense of mystery since we don't see the expressions on the people's faces and instead read their body language. I hope this gentle yet powerful image can maintain some of this feeling once there are more details put in. I like this very much! I said "Wow!" when I saw it.

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    @jon-anderson Thanks, I'm planning on tightening things up a bit but going to try and keep a painterly approach.

    @Heather-Boyd Thanks I'm glad you got a connection with the characters I will be working more on them and hopefully it will still create some emotion between them.

    @KathrynAdebayo Thanks a lot I will take that wow and finish now haha. Maybe I will do some more but I will keep it painterly and fun for me 🙂

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    0_1528983679984_mushroom village 2.jpg

    Done some more work on my mushroom village wip. Been practicing painting Rembrandt's portraits and thought I could introduce some of the lighting in this and add to the emotion I'm trying to create.

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