forum not working properly, is it just me?

  • does the forum take long to load? do the buttons and sections appear in all the wrong places?
    if it's just me, how do I fix this?
    I joined the forums months ago and kinda forgot why i left, then after the great podcasts by our favorite people in the field, I came back then i remembered why I had to leave 😕
    I want to hang out here just like I do in facebook. having a community of artists from all over the world is important to me. but this website is not working properly for me.

  • No it is not just you I have been having problems for ages I cant see what I am writing when I reply to someone and the forum is all over the place.A few days ago I found something that seemed to help.If you click on your profile picture go into settings and set the SKINS to default and press save changes things on the forum look a lot better.I hope this helps a bit

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @heidi-ahmad Make sure you are using the default skin for now. There seems to be an issue with the other skins and the version of the forum. Hopefully in the next upgrade those issues will be worked out.

  • @dottyp thank you! at least now the buttons are not vertical

  • @chip-valecek thank you! this helped 😃

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