38 and Learning to Art.

  • So here is the deal. I am 38 and haven't put a physical medium to paper in almost 20yrs. I have dabbled with computer graphics.. such as my little logo.. doing some basic UI mods for games, textures for minecraft.. etc. But it was all mostly based around me finding some tutorial, modifying it, and stumbling through till I got whatever little thing done. Nothing serious, more of a super mini'project.

    Now, for the past 20ish yr's, I've always been into Art, appreciated it, and wondered... What if? What if I had applied myself. What if I had followed it through. I had gotten caught up in computer in the late 90's and coding it all fell away.

    Well, here I am.. And I'm going to apply myself. See where I go. I am fortunate enough to be able to put in a solid 4-5hrs a day. Currently I am really just working on total basics. Lines, Circles, Perspective, boxes.. spheres etc.

    Doing the some basics practice for the time, then I plan to move into SVS lessons and a few other things down the line. These 3 guys I love. Jake is probably one of my favorite artist, style wise, But I'd hope to one day do more illustrations and landscaping. I am not looking to go pro. But I am looking to produce, create... something. I've had regrets about not doing woodworking, or learning to weld... and well. I'm doing the Art, Dangit!

    If you want to follow along with my progress, PM me, and I'll give you link. I post daily little updates for my own tracking to a wordpress.

    Hope to learn about you all.

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  • Welcome @Lewtz !!! I am 43 and have worked in IT for the last 19 years, I know exactly where you are coming from. I've always been into drawing ever since I was 8 years old but never really put in "the necessary work" needed so my art would look professional. After I left the military many years ago, I was going to use my GI Bill and go to Art School, but all of my friends and family warned me not to. Well...I listened to them and went to school for IT. Don't get me wrong, I have a successful career and I'm grateful for that, but I always wondered what would of happened if I followed my gut and where I would be now if I did. So, now present day...43 year old IT guy married with 2 children and starting from basics drawing circles, ovals, cubes, etc. I know I will never make it as an illustrator for a new career, but I want to have my own comic and set up a table at a comic book convention and see what happens. I wish you all the best and remember you are not alone. Good luck

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    @lewtz welcome to the forums and best of luck on your new chapter. @MarkAlan74 you sound like a ditto of my life but instead of 2 kids I have 4. I been a web designer for 18 years now.

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