Introducing myself :)

  • Hello creators,

    My name is Murielle, I'm from Belgium and I still find it hard to call myself an artist, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm an artist.

    I became a proud SVS member in September 2017 in preparation for Inktober. It was the 'How to Ink' tutorial that got me on board. Well done Jake 😃

    For years Inktober was this one challenge that I wanted to be part of but in Oktober 2016 I was preparing for my first ever fitness competition. I had to train every day, watch my diet, sleep well,... So no time to draw. That moment was a complete eye opener for me. Fitness was not what I wanted to do. So in 2017 I decided I was going to do my first Inktober and I loved it. It made me discover talents I didn't know I had...

    • drawing WITHOUT reference
    • telling a story with one image
    • okay the inking part turned out to be the least interesting, but still, I did it

    These are my favorite pieces
    0_1525533853566_inktober day 26.jpg

    0_1525533861105_inktober day 27.jpg

    After that experience, I wanted more so I started a Christmas themed dry brush painting based on the class given by Will Terry. I kept it simple so I could focus on the technique.
    0_1525533967376_christmas project full small.jpg

    In March 2018 I've given up fitness completely and focus now mostly on my art. I hope to be more active on this forum but I can't give any promises. I'm a quiet person, so I usually read and marvel in silence.

  • SVS OG

    @murielle Hi, welcome to the forum! I can't wait to see more of your work. I hope we can help you in your journey.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @murielle welcome to the forums! Checked out your site, you have some amazing work going on there. Hope to see more from you around here.

  • @murielle Welcome! I'm also looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    I'm pretty quiet and shy too so don't feel alone. You'll love the forum!

  • I admire anyone in the field of fitness requires so much dedication and discipline! With that as your background I think you've been well prepped for the work ethic needed for just about anything you decide you want to do. Welcome to svs're going to find lots to learn here.

  • @murielle welcome to the forums and good luck on your art journey. Hope to see more of your work and maybe try out a few contests each month 😃

  • Thank you all for the warm welcome.

    Currently, my art doesn't relate to any storytelling, but I hope to gradually change that in the future and build my skills while doing so.

    @Gary-Wilkinson I hope I can participate soon. I've been checking out the last contests and I usually never have a problem coming up with an idea, I just didn't have the time to execute it. Now that I have more time to art, I should be able to schedule it in.

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