Help on finishing up digital painting

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  • oops, not sure if I attached my image correctly... 0_1524617822569_smallpantherloons.jpg

  • Hi Amelia, what kind of advice are you looking for to finish the painting? Some small things you might want to look at doing is to blend the background of the water a bit more as the detail is a little distracting.

    A few things I feel work well in this piece are:

    There seems to be a nice color harmony.
    It is nicely rendered.
    It feels quite magical.

    Some things that I don't feel work as well are:

    I'm not a big fan of the 50/50 diagonal composition and the focal point feels too close to the top of the canvas. The weight of the composition is very heavy on that upper right diagonal space, which makes the bottom left feel almost wasted space.

    The creature design feels a bit too cut and paste, as in you have taken a goose's body and a cougar's head (?) and stuck them together without much thought. I would like to see more reasoning in the design or originality. Your other creature work seems to work so much better imo, such as the peacock design you made.

    The reeds/grass on the left is very busy and their tops are almost at a tangent to the body of the creatures which damages the harmony and flow of the painting.

    The glow and rim light seems a bit overdone and harsh, if you brought it down a little bit it might help keep emphasis on the main creature rather than making the viewer's eye jump around a lot.

    Most of these thoughts are looking at a redo of the whole painting, when you may be looking for a few final touches, but when I compare it to your other work it seems to lack something your other pieces have.

  • @gary-wilkinson I agree with all your points thoroughly. I had a bit of trouble with this piece and it seems to have just gotten away from me the more i painted! For now I'll stash it away i think and come back to it at a later date to try and fix it. I'll keep with me what i've learned from it and apply it to my future concepts, which i'm a bit more excited for (i was never super excited about this concept in the first place haha) Thank you very much for your words, your critique will be very helpful to me in the future i think!

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