Daily Drawing while working through How to Draw Everything

  • I'm currently on contour lines in the "How to Draw Everything" course. So after I finished the practice exercise, I decided to draw another Skottie Young character. Something about the eyes bother me, I reworked the eyes 4 times not sure if I have the perspective right or not. Thanks for any feedback.
    0_1524487578118_1.jpg 0_1524487592194_2.jpg 0_1524487609720_3.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @markalan74 That's a really neat Spidey! To answer your question about the eyes it may be that they are two different shapes. They are basically an oval but one is horizontal and the other vertical. The left eye feels bigger because of the vertical orientation but that is the eye that should be a tad smaller because it is the one furthermost from us to add to the depth you've created with the body.

  • Thank you so much Jon, I really appreciate the feedback. Awesome advice, I can see exactly what you mean. I will do another character at 3/4 view and see if I can remedy this issue.

  • From a quick image search, it looks like the Skottie Young style also usually has the eyes a little lower on the face. In some drawings, the eyes have a little bit of a diagonal slant & are slightly pointed at the corners--esp. the inner corner of the eyes, but in other images they are more rounded ovals.

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