Nope. (Travel WIP)

  • When I saw that the theme for the Contest this month is Travel, I thought of my brother, who hates to travel! So I thought I'd try a contra-concept.

    Here are my thumbnails so far. It's looking like it could be a sticker, or on a mug (or travel mug?---ha, ha).

    Please let me know if you think this design works in the first place, and whether you like the first idea with words about travel & adventure, or if you like the landmark silhouettes idea, or if you think I should try something else. I was also thinking of possibly having a light background of a global map inside the circle.

    I would appreciate any comments / critiques (both positive & negative)! Thanks!

    0_1524289150310_SVS April 2018 Contest-Travel Thumbnails.jpg

  • SVS OG

    @Miriam your cat is really cute! What a clever idea to do the opposite! I like the way the cat fits in the circle and your concept is neat. One thought I had was to have the cat doing something more stereo typically cat-like. Like sleeping. Something that really accentuates the idea "I'm comfortable here thank you!" With a more relaxed expression on it's face.

  • @juliepeelart
    My initial thought is that a sleeping cat will read more as a literal cat, where I was going for a representational image showing that people have different ideas of what is fun. I also feel like this one has a slightly humorous quality, and a more peaceful image might loose that aspect. But I can see what you mean about comfort being an opposite of travel & adventure, so I will think about it some more.

    Thanks for all the compliments & for sharing your thoughts!

  • Love the cats design, he's very smug, which is perfect for a cat. I almost want the cat to be doing cat things with the travel bits, like either batting at it or maybe squishing it out of the way, this could be with your globe idea maybe. I feel like some engagement could visually tie it together with the idea of "no, I'm not gonna travel today."

    I also really like the silhouettes of the city and travel on the second one, how it's showing instead of telling.

  • Sorry to be late to the comments for this and disregard them if you have already made a lot of progress on it. As Lee White usually says, have you fully explored the ideas for your scene and could there be a better way to convey it? Without looking at your initial comments the concept doesn't feel like it is explained well enough. Without the "nope" text I would guess that the cat is listening to travel books and even with the text I might think that it is practicing it's language skills.

    I think @EmilyM made a good point of having the cat swiping at the objects, which could be a way to go as it will create more of a connection between the cat and the objects and rather than having it listening to music, maybe it just looks frustrated or disinterested in the things around it. Giving it headphones helps give it more human qualities, but i'm not sure why it's listening to them.

  • @EmilyM, @Gary-Wilkinson & @juliepeelart
    Thanks so much for your helpful and constructive comments!

  • SVS OG

    @miriam I had one more thought! This might make more sense as a collection. If a person could pick the mug with the cat doing what they like then it makes sense in the context of a choice for the buyer.

  • I agree that making the cat interact with the travel icons makes sense and a more connected piece. I don't want the cat to be frustrated or angry, though--he's just happy doing his own thing.

    Here are the changes so far...

    0_1524897233131_SVS April 2018 Contest-Travel WIP.png

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