Hello Art/illustration friends

  • Hello Art/illustration friends,
    Introducing my self; Will Coats here an illustrator artist, I was born with a pencil in my hand (sorry Mom). Missing opportunities to go to art school developing methods and techniques in the dark. Working to leverage a tiny bit of natural talent, Iā€™m seeking community with fellow travelers to reach our highest potential (artistically). So please do critique šŸ™‚
    Thank you-

  • Hi Will, and welcome! What mediums do you work in?

    I really like the picture of Aslan on the front of your website. Those have long been some of my favorite books.


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @w-coats Welcome to the forums! You will get critiques here for sure, all great advice!

  • Thank you thank you very much Chip Valecek, good to hear. I wonder; is there a mechanistic for portfolio review? That would be pretty helpful @chip-valecek

  • Thank you Tracy!! I also am a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, and a burrito aficionado, thanks @twiggyt

  • @w-coats Ah, the Chronicles of Narnia. First books I fell in love with, thanks to my mother. Welcome!

  • @w-coats
    RE: "portfolio review" Usually, people have just posted one image or series as a new topic on the forum, and ask for critiques & advice (I see you've figured that out & posted one already!).

    For help with portfolios, there are a couple classes you might want to check out:
    How to Perfect Your Children's Book Portfolio, Will Terry
    Portfolio and Self Promotion, James Yang
    (I haven't taken these yet!)

    As for a portfolio review by the Pros, I think they have offered portfolio reviews as a live class before, but I'm not sure. You could send an email to: support@svslearn.com to ask if they have anything like that coming up.

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