Travel Brainstorm sheet

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    Trying out mind-mapping from the Visual Storytelling Techniques class by @Lee-White. That is a fantastic class that I highly recommend. Here is my brainstorm from the Travel prompt. Did I miss any big categories that you can think of? Feel free to add to it, or use it for your own ideas if you haven't started yet.


  • Thats great! Thanks for sharing

  • Wow! This is awesome! I'll have to add that class to my list of ones to watch next (so hard to choose, since I'm such a beginner!).

    And super nice of you to share! Ha, ha! I was thinking I'd have to stop looking in case I inadvertently steal some ideas! But fortunately, I had an idea right-off from the prompt that I think I like. I should post a WIP to see what others think.

  • SVS OG

    @miriam It is for sharing! I think that even if two artists had the same idea it would look different. I really enjoyed this class. Another super helpful place to start is the Creative Composition course. That had a lot of fantastic info. I can't wait to see your WIP!

  • This is nice!))) You've made a huge work. I personally very like the idea of a bee travel, it sounds so funny that I can't stop smiling while thinking of it)))

  • @juliepeelart
    It's true. Even if you asked two people to draw exactly the same thing, it could come out completely different. That's one of the fun things to see with these contests!

    I just posted my sketch, so please take a look when you can. 🙂

  • @margarita-levina
    Bees are talented travelers. They give each other directions (through dancing!), and they navigate using the sun!

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