Dream Portfolio (Style Class)

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    Finally got to watch the class on finding your style. Its super interesting. I was very ready to dive into the homework of building a dream portfolio. I've never sorted through all the art I love to separate out the things that are specifically in the direction I want to go. I put together some collages with my 20 pieces. The earliest pieces that I remember getting lost in were Arthur Rackham and Mercer Mayer's fairy tales. I remember studying their work for hours at a very young age and trying to copy what I saw.

    What do they all have in common... Some of them are very sketchy, they tend to have either subtle or glowy color. I think on Jake's style wheel, they move away from graphic/symbolic and more toward the realistic/stylized. Any other similarities you all can spot? I'm not up on all the art terms, so I have a hard time putting into words what I'm looking at. @Lee-White Any thoughts?

    Artists: (clockwise from top left)Kim JiHyuck, Quentin Greban, Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, Luc Desmarchelier, Alphonse Mucha, Taupe Syuka
    Margret Morales, Jenny Yu, Tony DiTerlizzy, Pascal Campion, GianLuca Garofalo
    David Ortu, Song of the Sea Concept Unknown, Loish, Trina Schart Hyman, Cory Godbey
    Julia Sarda, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Arthur Rackham, Mercer Mayer

  • "It's super interesting." I agree! I was fascinated by this class, and need to watch it again. I haven't made my Dream Portfolio yet, but I already had been saving images to my Pinterest boards. I'm better at the collecting part than the evaluating part!

    I am seeing the same thing with the color quality (I don't know the technical terms either!).
    Most of these have a softer, subtle, more muted quality to the colors, with a lot of blending & natural tones/colors.

    Very detailed
    Use up all the space
    Vertically divided into 3 parts
    One thing or focus in the center 3rd
    Plants / outdoor / nature elements
    Calm, quiet scenes (rather than exciting, active poses / scenes)
    Hidden / tucked away / shadowed
    Lower light / shady / dusk

    (I have the same Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini illustration on my Pinterest board, and Mercer Mayer's "The Sleeping Beauty" was one of my childhood favorites, too.)

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    @miriam Thank you! You should tag me when you do yours, or maybe I’ll follow you on Pinterest so I can see. I’m interested in what other people put together.
    It’s hard to do the evaluation with only one set of eyes. And mine aren’t that trained. My sister said that the ones I picked are all very emotional pieces and the color seems to capture that. Whatever the feeling is, the colors echo it. The thirds thing is helpful too. I hadn’t caught that.

  • @pamela-fraley
    Yeah, when I get around to doing it, I'll have to post it on the forum like you did here.

    If you do follow me on Pinterest (MiriamRobarts), I have a bunch of boards so you might want to look through them and "unfollow" ones you won't care about seeing (and I can be sporadic about adding to them--sometimes I'll go for months without adding anything, and then I'll add a bunch of pins all at once).

    I don't think I've actually even started my "Dream Portfolio" board yet, I just have a few boards for inspiration, reference, studying, etc. (I think some of them are shared and some are hidden, though--since I didn't want to fill up everyone's feeds when I'm pinning a bunch of the same thing for reference!)

    I agree with your sister--I see similar color qualities, and they seem to have a similar feel about them; quiet, subdued, gentle, dreamy, something to be discovered... most of them also have elements that are connected and blended.

    The people are drawn in a simplified realistic style. The images are both simple and detailed at the same time.

  • I've been collecting mine on Pinterest as well. It's hard not to just put 10 by an artist I am nuts about! Ha ha! It's weird to see how much the images I love look nothing like the images I am making. I was worried that it wouldn't be cohesive and I'd still be baffled, but it is amazing how much that was not the case and I'm getting a clearer picture of what elements I'd like to work into my art. It's a brilliant assignment.

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    I had already been collecting favorite illustrations on Pinterest for awhile before watching the class. Pinterest recently introduced a categories feature (I think that’s what it’s called) where you can have a board with sub-categories. So, I’ve kept my overall board with favorite images, but have a sub-category of my top 20. 😊

  • @sarah-luann oohhhh--that is good to know! I'll check that out as my boards are getting a little out of hand!

  • @sarah-luann Oh, yeah, the sub-category thing has saved me! 🙂

  • @sarah-luann
    Ha, ha! Yeah, I think a lot of us already have been collecting on Pinterest boards. 🙂
    I love how the class teaches how to make it even more useful!

    Yes, they are called "Sections". It's a great new feature! I also love that you can rearrange your boards and pins now! Creating a Section is a good way to categorize a Dream Board--good idea!

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    Sooo.. have started to collect my images on Pinterest. First stage for me is just identifying the artist/illustrators I like.
    So far seems I am drawn to a lot of British pen and ink/watercolourists: Beatrix Potter (of course), Helen Oxenbury, Peggy Fortnum.
    Something about ink and wash combination seems so sensitive and peaceful- yet still controlled? Not sure about the British thing other than I was born and raised in Barbados (aka Little Britain) so maybe that has influenced my taste.
    I am also drawn to funny/tongue-in-cheek/slightly off in left field images - love Chris Riddell's imagination and sense of humour! His series of Illustrations to unwritten books cracks me up!

    Looking for more illustrators who use humour in their work - would welcome any recommendations.

    I am a long way away from picking specific images but this process of self-discovery is at least helping me narrow down who I might want to focus on for my master study exercises.

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    @missmushy An American illustrator with a similar style to the ones you've mentioned is Lita Judge -- Flight School, The Red Sled, Hoot and Peep, Born in the Wild.

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    @demotlj Thanks! I shall look her up. Cheers!

  • @missmushy Just checked out Chris Riddell. Brilliant and hilarious!!

  • SVS OG

    @eli right?? I want to be him 🤣

  • @missmushy I think you have the right sense of humor for it! I always love your ideas!

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    @eli aww thanks Eli. very nice of you to say. Now, if only I could draw... lol

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