Portfolio Critique after corrections

  • Thank you to all those smart people who took the time to look at my website, and responded with amazing insights (@rcartwright @Jason-Bowen @Chip-Valecek @Nyrryl-Cadiz @Lee-White ). I couldn't have agreed more with what you said, and I really appreciate that community here. I asked this same question on other sources, and got the usual, "Looks good. Keep it up" responses, which aren't very helpful. Good to see a community that really wants to push each other to excel!

    Once more, I made some changes, and here is the result. SethWilks.com. I'm hoping the site is more streamlined, and clearer on my goals, which is more in the realm of the storyboarding and comics than it was in the character design/vis dev.

    Thanks again for the help, and any further insights you folks might have!


  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @cowboyseth Loads much faster. Nice and clean as well.

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