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    I am very interested in personality types, but when I first heard of the four tendencies I was skeptical, since there are so many systems. But when I finally decided to read the book The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin, I got really excited. Actually I listened to the audiobook from my library app while I did (what else?) art. Anyways I am excited because whenever I hear about tips like oh just do some figure drawing for 10 minutes everyday, etc. I have such good intentions but can't seem to make myself do those things consistently. I hate routines but I see so much value in them, so it has been a hurdle in my life.

    Here is a quick overview if you are interested, copied from Rubin's words:

    The Four Tendencies are based largely on how you respond to outer and inner expectations.

    Upholders generally meet both inner and outer expectations, meaning they don't let others or themselves down. Upholders usually have an easier time forming habits than other people do, but they can still struggle.

    Questioners meet only inner expectations. They push back against and question all expectations. Above all, they do something only if they think it makes sense — they hate anything arbitrary.

    Obligers meet outer expectations but not always inner ones. In other words, they usually need some form of external accountability.

    Rebels resist both inner and outer expectations. They value authenticity and self-determination. If you ask a rebel to do something, they will likely resist — which can be frustrating for the person asking.

    And here is a test if you want to see what type you are real quick:

    Anyways, as artists, and by and large potential freelancers, it is important to figure out the best way you get things done. I am excited to find out that I am a rebel (not in the traditional sense, but this four tendency framework). It is helping me to have lots of options so I can choose between lots of good things to do each day, instead of trying to follow the same routine everyday, same order, etc --ugh so boring. I can do what I feel like but still be productive. So I think having a list of good "routines" for drawing, and just picking one that I feel like that day, will be better than trying to figure drawing on Mondays, master copies on Tuesday, drawing from life on Wednesday, etc...I can't ever stick to that. And I end up doing none of it!

    So I just thought I'd share since we are all here because we love art, but sometimes figuring out how to motivate ourselves is tricky!

  • That really was interesting! I'm glad i took the Quiz, but i/m not at all surprised by the result.

    I think i need an external Motivation/accountability.

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    Very interesting! Turns out I’m a Questioner, which doesn’t surprise me at all. It actually makes a lot of stuff I do make more sense. Thanks for sharing!

  • I got Questioner. The last line of the description was very funny:

    "If you’re thinking, “Well, right now I question the validity of the Four Tendencies framework,” yep, you’re probably a Questioner!"

    I am often skeptical of this kind of thing! 🙂 Still, fun to do and it is always good to use these things as a way to think about your strengths/weaknesses.

  • @holleywilliamson said in Forming good habits:

    Thank you so much for posting. I totally identify with this struggle, as I hate routine and structure to an extent but want to be professional about my art work and know both are needed to progress not only in art but in life. Sometimes I struggle to draw when I know I should be drawing and have time to draw, but I don't wanna force myself to draw when I don't want to.
    I know the benefits of forming good habits of drawing each day or getting into a routine. I think I want to be a professional illustrator but I question if I could meet deadlines when I know this is a part of my personality. Ive never heard of this book before, but I shall take the test now and seek more information.
    Thank you soo much for sharing! ❤

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    Interesting. I got questioner, which is spot on because I like to know the exact way things are done properly. thanks for posting.

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    Just wanted to shed a word of caution. The corporate mill (where I´ve been on management career track for 11 years) puts you through endless personality testing. All the famous ones you may or may not ever heard of: Myers-Briggs, Strenghts-Finder, Belbin`s Team Roles, and many more. I´ve been tested on one or other scale more than ten times - by professional psychologists as well as HR specialists. They´re always useful somehow, and you always learn something about yourself....but they are also all just concentrating on one aspect and simplifying it enormously. Also, never accept an outcome as a verdict for life or as a justification of your limitations. Like: “It´s not my fault that I behave like this: it´s my personality type!”. The results of all these tests change with time and experiences and are intended (at least in the HR world) as a way to make you aware of your blind spots so that you can work on that and become a more rounded person - overcoming those aspects of your character that may affect your success....

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    @smceccarelli I do them for fun I know they are not completely accurate because I did one once that had my IQ so high I should be a genius and I know that's not true haha

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