Where and how do you sell prints?

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    Yesterday I walked into a shop who had the Canon PixmaPro 100s on display at a reduced price (last on stock and a show model). And I just could not resist....
    So, I cleaned out one of the rare flat surfaces in my studio and now I have this huge thing here that is able to do absolutely spectacular prints...and I need to recoup the cost.
    So I was wondering, what´s the best way to sell prints if you don´t want to bother to set up your own shop, and you don´t go to conventions? Is Etsy the best bet? How do you market for that? I can mention it on my social media, but they are mainly used to target clients, so I don´t want to focus too much on other things...

  • Hi @smceccarelli ! I noticed that no one has commented on this so I decided to come out of hibernation to share my experience with you. Etsy is a great place to sell prints. It costs nothing to set up your shop and their interface is extremely easy to navigate. I'm not selling there currently because I've been trying to concentrate on producing new work but the experience I had there was quite positive. Just be sure to choose appropriate tags and utilize all tag allowances (I think there were eight spaces when I last listed an item.) when creating your listing and you'll find that shoppers will soon find you. It may take a few weeks for your first sale but they will come! And, of course, adding a link to your shop on your website and social media sites will help too. I think you'll find many interested in prints of your beautiful work. Good luck!

  • @smceccarelli keep us up to date on where you will be selling prints. I would like to own a few of yours. In fact, I was thinking about decorating my workspace with different SVS artists in the future.

  • @smceccarelli I forgot to mention another possible outlet. You might try gift shops and boutiques in your area. If you prepackage you can often get owners to try a few in their shops. That takes extra work though - packaging, inventory to track, delivery to vendors, and some accounting.

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    I was hunting around and found this thread from a couple of years ago. I thought it might be what you are looking for @smceccarelli!


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