My sketchbook

  • Hi everyone, im going to post here my sketches, good or not, finished or not just for fun.
    I don't ask any feedback but if you want to help or just criticize your are welcome 😉

    First drawing, A man, he going to his job with his bike like every day.



  • @tommdechevre Good luck! Hope you can get a lot sketches done. If possible it might be worth rotating the picture (i'm guessing the cyclist isn't going down a 90% hill) . I would say for sketches that focus on a caricaturing, try 4 or 5 really quick sketches that just focus on shapes and how you could push those shapes to create something fun and interesting. I'm sure you will learn so much by exploring ideas first.

    I don't want to critique this piece much as it's only a sketch, but you mention that he is a cyclist, however there is no hint of a bicycle. You wouldn't have to draw the whole bike, maybe just the handlebars. By zooming out slightly, you might also be able to play around with the gesture of his body a lot more too. Anyhow good luck and hope to see more sketches

  • @gary-wilkinson Thanks for the feedback very appreciate, i try to do the handlebars but i couldn't (don't have time to push more). And okay, im going to try some quick sketches and just focus on the shapes ! 🙂

    And sorry for the picture, it's just my smartphone his totally fail..

  • Today I worked on my character, it's name is MR BLUE, it's my first character I try to do some facial expression to animate him and I try to do some painting. I worked on his story to. 🙂

    0_1521494398550_20180319_220622 m.png

    0_1521494002672_mrblue fo.PNG

  • New sketches, today i try to push the shapes. 🙂



  • Very quick painting and digital sketching. I find a new character, I made a little story with him, it's a delivery of newspapers, i can't tell you more for the moment 😉



  • Hi everyone, today I did this character I just start sketching, then I'm feeling good, I push a little more my sketching for finally adds a little bit of colors and shadow. If you have feedback on him 🙂

    0_1522350074474_sketch telephone.png

  • I'm really liking this one!

  • SVS OG

    I'm enjoying your characters 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I don't have any critiques at this time. I just like seeing what you come up with 🙂

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen @Eli thanks guys ! A New character in coming 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Today i try to use only one shape, and do many character with, it's very cool and interesting process !


  • Very quick character today (10 min), I have lots of work to do and school takes me a lot of time, More character and best work are going to arrive 🙂

    Don't skip leg day ! Don't do like grabolg


  • I'm trying to do some troll design, I watched the animation movie boxtrolls (Laika studio), just an amazing stop motion movie one of my favorite i think, the character-designed are beautiful and, the troll are just perfect.


    0_1523442777316_troll design 2.png

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