iPad app for gesture sketching?

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    I've started doing gesture sketches (thanks to Simona Ceccarelli for the suggestion) and I'm trying to do it on my iPad to save paper and to improve my ability to draw on the iPad. I'm looking for an app that has a decent pencil tool and allows me to flip pages quickly to go on to the next drawing. All of the ones I use require you to leave drawing mode, go to the gallery (or sketchbook) to start a new page and then return to drawing mode. When you only have 30 seconds to do a sketch, that eats up precious time.

    There probably isn't such an app but I thought I'd ask. (I've tried Morpholio Journal, Paper 58, Tayasui Sketches, and Procreate which all have their advantages but none work well for this.)

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    @demotlj Instead of changing “canvas” you can just hide the layer and make a new layer on top....I do that often, especially when I am trying to find a style for a project. ProCreate is the best app I know for drawing.

  • I'd suggest Procreate too. Just like smceccarelli described.

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    @smceccarelli That's a good idea. I use Procreate for all of my illustrations and would prefer to work within it for everything I can so I'll try the layer technique.

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    I discovered another method by accident: I was messing around with new apps and realized that an animation app also works for this if you turn off the onion skin. I can do a sketch in a frame and quickly add a new frame on top of it, and if I want to look at all of my gesture sketches (to see, for example, if I'm improving at all), I can look at all of the frames in the storyboard.

    I still prefer Procreate for real sketching but for the 30 second gesture sketches, the animation app works well.

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