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  • Hello, I'm just beginning with SVS. An old guy with a 1960 vintage art school (Illustration) background, a Photography and Video production career behind me. I'm retired now, painting as a hobby. I've always loved the work of good illustrators, and would like to spend my time now revisiting that part of my distant past life. My question: I'm ready to purchase a mid-level Graphics Tablet... Would anyone care to share a recommendation along that line with me?

  • @wildlegacy Hi there!! Welcome to the forums! Depending on what you have already comouter wise will change things a bit cost wise. However, for someone who is just getting into working in the digital arena, I can’t recommend the ipad pro enough. Out of the box it is pretty much ready to go, and all that would need to be added is the apple pencil and a very cheap drawing app called Procreate. I feel this is the best option from my personal experience.

  • I have an IMac, an ipad and iphone. I just put Photoshop CC on my computer. I'v been playing around with Procreate on my ipad for some time now, and when I was working in Video Production, , I was proficient with Photoshop. I've been retired since 2001, so I am a little rusty... 😉

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    I´d agree with @Eric-Castleman that the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and ProCreate is probably the best and cheapest option for starting into digital art. PS for video and photo is a completely different beast than PS for digital painting - almost like two vaguely resembling siblings than the same program. Also PS CC is a different beast than the early PS versions. With ProCreate and the iPad Pro you´d be able to get into digital art very fast, without having to deal with software and hardware.
    Oh, and I cheer you for getting into art again - age doesn´t really matter when the spirit is strong, right (that´s what I tell myself every day, anyway ;-))

  • I used a 19" Yinova tablet with PS for about 5 years before getting my Cintiq It only cost me $500 and was well worth the money. I t was easy to work with and great for sketching on.

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