Art licensing Assignment WIP

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    There is quite a bit of potential in those! They look great. I would take the birds and think of a set of notecards. They would work really well because you have a collection of them.

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    I could be wrong, but i thought there was some sort of update with photoshop that supplied you with items to mockup. I will have to look around and see. Anyway, this stuff looks fantastic. I have yet to watch that course, but I might have to do that today.

  • @evilrobot I'm not sure about using the branches for words. I'm making this point because I think you need to know what product the image would be on or keep the art more general to fit multiple products. At poster size the branches would work but at coffee cup size they probable would not. I do a lot of shirt design work and run in to this issue when I try to use the same art for tiny stickers and such. All the value lessons in the videos apply very strongly to this kind of work.

  • Thank you @evilrobot

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    @chip-valecek That would be awesome if they had something like that. And the class is awesome! (they just need to get all the supporting templates and PDF's in there so we can complete the assignments)

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    @rcartwright Thanks;) I'm horrible with lettering so I figure the way I can maybe get by is doing some kind of illustrated lettering for now anyway until my skill with hand lettering gets better. Anyway these are mock ups for garden flags the small ones are around 12.5 x 18 and the large ones are up in the 20" range so I think for those it's OK. If I try to sell them for other things I'll eliminate the lettering all together. Thank you very much for your input.

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    Another company to submit to with some submission guidelines HERE

    After sending the email I received this email back with different requirements for submitting the artwork:

    Thank you for submitting your artwork to Toland Home Garden! Due to recent improvements in our design selection process we now have new image requirements for all art submissions. Please know that your submissions will not be viewed unless they adhere to these requirements:
    Submissions can only contain individual JPEG files (No PDFs).
    The file name must be the title or design number of the artwork.
    Files cannot be attached inline (i.e. inside the body of the email).
    Our preferred method of receiving images is in a zipped/compressed folder.
    Compress folders/files on a PC click here to view instructions.
    Compress folders/files on a Mac click here to view instructions
    We appreciate your help as we make these improvements. If you have any questions, please ask, and we look forward to seeing your next submissions!


    Artist Submissions
    p. 800.989.6287
    f. 800.899.2484

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    And finished the last one. So here are all three for the fall collection. Going to do three birds for each season then have enough to try to license for a calendar as well. 0_1520406713313_Birds-with-hats-fall-collection.jpg

  • Thank you so much for

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    @evilrobot I love those colors! Really nice ::-)

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