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  • So I am in the process of putting together my portfolio, and never really thought about how I should present it as a file with a cover letter. My brother in-law is a graphic designer, and he was suggesting that I learn indesign and create pages with titles for each image. I can see how this makes sense for graphic designers, since much of their work revolves around layout and lettering, but is this really necessary for submitting to agencies? Can I just send a file with each image and add a cover letter, or is that not a good idea?

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    Hi Eric,
    are you going to send your full portfolio? That is quite unconventional - as far as I know at least. I believe normally you would just send the link to your website.
    However, you can send a "tear-sheet" and have it seen directly in the mail. That would be a one-page pdf in a printable format (Letter for US, A4 for Europe) which contains a few of your strongest images (number varies - I've seen them with one image until up to 7-8) and your name and contact information. It's a nice alternative to postcards too.

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    @Eric-Castleman I agree with @smceccarelli - If you want and think it helpful, I think you can create a downloadable pdf with a full multipage portfolio (or multiple pdfs if needed for multiple portfolios) and send that a link to that (along with link(s) to your website), but I don't think I would send a full, multipage portfolio as an attachment. I would opt for the single page that has multiple images along with your contact info on it. Maybe I would attach another one for a completely different style set if you have that and find it pertinent for the opportunity, but I would be very restricted in how big of files I send and don't think it necessary to send full-page images on multiple pages. Any attachment of work you send is just to give a taste, like an appetizer sampler.

  • @smceccarelli thanks for the info!! Yeah, I am somewhat confused about submitting to this place, only because they contacted me after seeing my work online, and said they saw my website and liked what they saw, but then wanted me to submit to them. I don’t know if I should send different images that aren’t on my website, or if this is just the proper steps, and I should just submit the work they have already seen.

    @QuietYell yeah, the file size needs to be “<5mb” l I am just switching over to photoshop so this stuff is a little alien to me but is something I am will need to know.

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    @eric-castleman Feel free to email me directly if you need help with Photoshop or whatever. We'll take care of those little aliens! 🙂

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