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    I'm on the tail end of finishing the book dummy for Snow Happens. Here is the mock cover! If anyone has any input, I'd love to hear it. This project has taken a long time to pull together, but I am finally seeing the light! Lol This is the story about an unexpected early spring snowfall and one little 4 year old boy's desperate attempt to get his very busy dad to go outside and play.


    This second one is a more recent seperate pb idea I am playing with call The LiBEARian


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    It is gorgeous congrats! But I would love to see the little boy and maybe even the dad on the cover-I love your style

  • Beautiful !

  • Very nice! I love the LiBEARian idea. Clever.

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    @chadnelson Thanks Chad, I came up with the LiBEARian idea after listening to the way my kids say the word Librarian and Library, it always comes out Libeary and LiBEARian. lol, it was just too cute. I couldn't resist drawing him.

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    @lmrush Thanks so much, Lisa! I'm trying not to give too much away. It's hard to show the snow and them together on the cover without showing them in the snow which is the ending of the book.

    It is something to consider, I could have to boy lean out a window. I'll play with it more, thanks!! There are several versions of this cover.

    @Tyson-Ranes Thanks so much, Tyson!

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    Found out from an editor today who saw my bear illustration and who had requested another dummy of mine that there is already a Libearian pb book out there. My story is totally different though.

    I made the mistake of only googling it, instead of checking for it directly on Amazon. Lesson learned!

    The good thing is she still loves the character and art and still wants to see the dummy once it is done!

    I just may need to change the cutesy title.

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    @charlie-eve-ryan There are two books about the story of Winnie the Pooh why can' t there be two libearians?

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    @lmrush Right! The editor made it sound like it may not be a deal breaker, either way, just something to consider. So forward we go and we'll see where this bear lands!

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    Hi Charlie Eve you are an absolute expert at working with textures and a graphical style.

    I have come back to this post a few times now and the one thing I could offer is perhaps there is just a little bit too much texture/busyness going on in that top half of this Snow Happen cover. Like maybe the tree's could have less texture here? So that they would give our eyes a little bit of a break? Because with the snow splatter, and everything else going on, I lose the title a bit and my mind wants something to be able to rest on and that might be a place to do it? Like I said you are the pro at this so you might have a better solution but just a thought for you to consider.

    I remember the portfolio pieces you had created for this story a while back when you shared them here, and they have stuck with me all this time. They were so wonderful. So I can not tell you how happy I am that you are turning it into a dummy and moving forward with the story, concept and style. I know it will be a real winner when you are done. Can't wait to see where it takes you!

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    @rich-green Great suggestions, Rich! Thanks so much. I can pull back on the tree texture and the amount of snowfall. I find placing and finding the right fonts hard, definitely not my strong suit! Plus, I have no actual graphic design training so I'm just winging it, lol. Thanks again!!

    @Lee-White I'd love to see a class all about fonts! 😃

  • Love the texture and the graphic nature of it. The text is hard to read- maybe a drop shadow? Nice!

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    @hopper12 Good idea, thank you! I'll have to learn how to do those and see if it helps. 😃 That might do the trick!

  • I love the graphic design of your book cover, congratulations on your achievement.

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    @itsjoyce Thanks so much!

  • This looks pretty cool! I like how blank the snow is against the textures. One small thing would be the word "Happens" seems to get lost. I agree with the others that it might be because of the textures around it or the color itself? Otherwise, it's lit!

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