The Leaf Lion.

  • Between having a baby and moving to Oregon, I have found it increasingly difficult to be able to sit down and do art. However, when the baby is napping I have made it a point to work on a piece a little bit each session/nap time. I wish I had the full process but unfortunately, I lost the files. 😨 Regardless, behold The Leaf Lion. :3

    0_1519519550546_Leaf Lion Grayscale.png

    0_1519519560878_The Leaf Lion.png

  • Well done for getting work done with a baby about! I didn’t get much done until recently when my two started school! Love the leaf lion concept. 😊

  • It's definitely a challenge, that's for sure! @danni-smith, thank you for your compliments! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    Getting creative stuff done with tiny children is a big deal. Give yourself a huge gold star.

  • @jajajulie Very cute concept 🙂 And another well done on getting your art done with a baby around 😛 Are you looking for critiques for this piece?

  • Haha it definitely is! Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Going to wear that gold star with pride. 🙂 @stringfellowart

  • Thank you! @gary-wilkinson I would love some critiques if you're willing to give them! 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I did a quick and dirty paint over if that is okay. There are some perspective issues with the body, particularly the feet, face and ears. The feet and face are straight on, but the body is 3/4 view.

    Secondly, the lighting isn't consistent. Parts seem to come from a strong overhead light, but then the shadows aren't strong enough for that. And thirdly, I think if you spent just a little extra time pushing some of the details, like the fur on the lion, that would really bring it together. you have a lot of detail of the fur on the edges, but we loose that in the main parts. Just adding a few impressions of fur, will help add fullness to his coat.

    I hope that helps!

  • I think most of what I wanted to say has already been said by @stringfellowart. 1 thing that I would add though, is that the branches you have sticking out of the leaves/fur and around the leg don't really feel like they have been integrated into the design with a great deal of thought. There are too many variations in the branch types and each are constrained to one area, perhaps choose one type and build that into the design slowly (I recommend the reddish berries as they would make a nice color variation with the green.)

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