Looking for some help with this piece please!

  • Hello everyone!
    I’m looking for some help with this piece I’m working on. I’m really stuck with how to move forward with it. Thank you!!


  • Are you planning to do anything with the background?

    I like the effect of the light on the cloak.

    I would consider using a different colour (cool colour?) for some reflected light to further define the face and hand. Darkening the shadows would serve to make the eyes pop even more.

  • SVS OG

    This character is great. Looks really powerful... Have you thought about introducing another light source? And using contrast to send your character out the page... I did a quick paint over hope you don't mind. Gives you a few thoughts 🙂 0_1519320217413_great image.jpg

  • Hi Danni. Love this piece so far. I personally really like the background you've chosen and think it's in harmony with they colors and values you've chosen for her- it really looks like her lighting belongs with her environment.

    A few things I think could possibly improve it are:

    1. Perhaps cropping it so that she is more on center.

    2. Go a little darker on the shading of her skin and give it a tad more warmth.

    3. The way you've rendered the feathers is absolutely gorgeous, and I think if you give her hair and perhaps her coat the same type of graphic rendering, it would really unify the piece. On the same note, I'd simplify either her hair more or her coat, so that it contrasts better. Right now her hair and coat are equally busy and I think they are competing too much for attention between them.

    4. Darken the coat a bit to allow the face to stand out.

    5. Watch the tangent of her hand and the edge of her coat.

    Here's a paint over to show some of what I mean. I hope you don't mind.


    I think you are 90% there. Really well done, and very compelling!

  • @art-of-b thank you so much for your reply! I was considering adding some birds to the background, in the distance, I suppose as though she is summoning them? I haven’t completely decided though. Thanks for the tips on darkening the shadows and adding cool reflected light. I will definitely give those a go!

  • @jason-bowen thank you so much! And thanks for the paint over, I really appreciate it. Particularly thank you for the cool shadows on her, they really help. The background does help focus on her more, so I’ll consider changing it, or at least altering the focus. (And although unintentional, I quite like the ragged look of the feathers too!) Thanks again!

  • @tessaw thank you for your comments. I’ve only started digitally painting recently, and was working hard to get the background and character lighting to match, so it means a lot. I’ve really been struggling with the rendering, as I intended to keep it simple and seem to have wandered from my original vision, which has confused it, and made it too fussy. Thank you for pointing this out! The darker coat and changing the edge of the coat/hand look great too. Love the glowing eyes! Thank you so much for your help and encouragement! I really appreciate it!

  • Thank you all again for your replies. I’ve worked a little more on the piece, using your suggestions. It’s still not perfect, but I feel I’ve learned a lot making it. Thanks again. 😊

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