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  • I'm having trouble with nice smooth linework..does anyone have any tips or advice for me? I'm using a default round brush at about 11px and working at different distances. I can't seem to find the secret..the wobbly lines are so apparent.

    ![0_1519071447436_lines.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Jake Parker's videos on inking have a number of exercises for practicing but basically it is no different than drawing on paper except for how you hold the stylus. ctrl paint sells an entire course on smooth digital line work that is very good

  • @rcartwright I'll check that out..Thanks!

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    @djlambson the new version of photoshop CC has a brush smooth option. I only used it a handful of times, but it works pretty well.

  • The smoothing function will absolutely help. But daily line practice over the course of a few weeks will make the most difference.

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    Free handing are just going to need to practice a lot. No quick fix.
    Photoshop's smoothing feature sort of works....they are still not there with it yet it's kind of a pain. If you want smooth line work now without tons of practice. Both Clip Studio paint and Artrage have smoothing adjustments that will let you get very slick lines straight away. A little advice from personal experience. I use to do a lot of really slick "perfect looking" artwork...people don't tend to like it. That little bit of wobble or distortion in your line gives the work character. Nobody else will have a line that looks exactly like yours. Watch @Jake-Parker video on SVS for can use all the advice he gives there on your digital work it will be a huge help. He has exercises to help you get control of your line work.

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    Are you using a cintiq or equivalent or a graphics pad? As I struggled with a graphics pad to get descent lines.

  • @jason-bowen Hi Jason..I'm using Windows Surface pro 4. wishing for a cintiq but feeling undeserving just yet. I'll persevere! Meanwhile, I avoided it for now by scanning in my pencil drawing. 🙂 Thanks for the help everyone.

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