Need thoughts on Cover design

  • Hi everyone. I'm working on a cover design for my picture book and I'm unsure about colors and if the image is dynamic enough to make someone want to pick it up.

    Still need to bring into Photoshop to add dimension and texture but this is the vector base.

    Any input would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance,



  • drop the saturation to check, but I think the orange and green might be a bit too close (red too) so theres a bit of a clash. if you drop the saturation it should be clear which one needs to change a tad.
    other than that, love it.

  • SVS OG

    @jae The only thing I see is my eye goes to the bottom of the picture looking at the red t-shirt. Maybe you could change it to a different colour that doesn't pop so much? Nice design though 🙂

  • I agree that the red shirt grabs the eye too much. I really like this idea. It's so funny!

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