no notification when others comment on my posts sometimes.

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    I have noticed lately that I often have a response to a post that I accidentally happened upon but wasn't notified. I always thought, in the past, that I got a notification when I got a comment. Is this something new, or have I missed a lot in the past? Thanks.

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I'm not sure Marsha - I seem to get notifications whenever I post or reply to a post. If you're using the same login each time you should get notifications. Have you noticed that someone has responded to you without getting a notification?

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    @will-terry Yes, I have and that's why I was wondering. Maybe I have used other log ins and that affects it? There's a very good chance I've done that.

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    @marsha-kay-ottum-owen what browser are you using?

  • Check the post where you got the reply and make sure you are following it. On the top post there should be a few buttons (right below it, to the right). Those are Reply, Mark as unread, Watching, etc. Maybe the "watching" option is marked as not watching?

    You can change the settings to follow or not your own posts, as well as those in which you post a reply. These can be adjusted on the Settings menu, from the drop down menu you get when you click your profile image at the top right.

    Best of luck!

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    @Chip-Valecek Thanks Chip! I changed settings. I'll see what happens now 🙂

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