WIP- Feedback appreciated

  • Hey everyone, this is my first post on the SVS forums. Here is a personal illustration I am currently inking. It is my own take of Lil' Bo Peep about to lose her sheep to a monster/creature thingy. Any and all feedback is welcomed! Thanks!!!


  • You have wonderful anatomy, and I love your ink style. I feel like the monster should be threatening the sheep in some way, right now they don't seem to know he/ it is there. Bo herself looks startled, but she isn't looking away from everything else so it's hard to say what she's startled by. Fun spin on a classic tale.

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    @mikecanas86 said in WIP- Feedback appreciated:

    It looks like the monster is sneaking up on them to me. I think it is a great composition. The only thing that bothers me is that it's hard to define the sheep to me. Is there a little sheep between the two on the right? It looks like a tiny nose surrounded by wool but I don't see legs. It might help to make the nose stick out just a bit more and I do think I see a tiny leg now, maybe make it just a hair bigger so it is thicker? I'm sure once you add color or some more shading it will be clearer though. The monster will be easier to decipher with color too. Very detailed and well layed out in my opinion.

  • Hi, I like the drawing in the sense that you have nice line work and shapes but from a composition standpoint I'm not sure what the story is because the girl seems to just be standing there looking into the sky. Is the monster dangerous? If yes then the sheep would be very noisy and active and that would make the girl take notice. Right now it looks like they are waiting for something to happen but I would consider drawing the moment when something is happening