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  • Is anybody working in vectors? Is it something publishers do not even want to look at because it's too "computer generated clean"?

  • There are artists that use AI to paint with vector stokes that are tiny so they look like regular paint strokes. I took some tutorials from an artist who is so good at it you would think he is working PS and his results are very impassive but I cannot remember his name. If you are doing cartoon style drawings then AI works well for and is great for coloring and adjusting your line widths.

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    I did a lot of vector work for campaigns - advertisement and corporate. These sometimes get printed very big (images for the sides of trucks, for example, up to 18 or 27 ft), so vector is unavoidable. I personally prefer raster for everything else, but I do sometimes do color flats in illustrator.
    There are artists who work at least partly in illustrator and do children's work. I don't know how popular it is, but it certainly has its place.

  • @jae yes. Don’t tell my client but AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!
    Here’s one of the pics, then I will tell you all about the time it took....
    So there was still the design phase...pencils
    Then colour, which I did in photoshop as a colour test....but then there’s the vector layers.... and so on . Soul destroying. A day spent point and clicking. Over work I’d already completed.

    Take the red paint blobs. Instead of a few quick strokes of the stylus, having to carefully form each layer separately.
    This too three days instead of one.
    It may be that other people have a better experience, but unless I am animating in which case I will take a whole different approach (this did go to it happens. But it was a late in the day decision) I won’t be saying yes to any more vector work.
    Completed this in adobe illustrator.

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    I normally use the pencil tool extensively (in illustrator) - so not so much clicking. I actually quite enjoy Illustrator work, but mostly for very graphical stuff.
    BTW, has anyone experience with Affinity Designer? I like Illustrator and I don’t think I need another vector software, but it seems Affinity has much better brushes?

  • @smceccarelli Nice work on the colour theory vids btw! I couldn't manage to make the pencil tool behave in a way I wanted to.
    In terms of clean vectorishness look, i am sticking with clipstudio paint. (why did they EVER change it from manga studio...silly people) when i don't need to animate. It just works, and the colouring is easy to do. Each line is editable, and you don't get a gazzillion layers for each line either. You only get layers when you ask for them. Unfortunately you can't save as an illustrator file, which means can't be used for scalable imagery. but if its only the 'look' you want, then that is my go to. So in comparrison, i rattle off an image for a friend in a couple of hours as a profile picture for him. He wanted vector style, so it was so much quicker to do

  • I've been working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop my entire career as a commercial artist but I wonder if it's too "clean, stagnant" for children's books.
    Of course I still sketch everything in pencil on paper (or more recently on iPad). I really 0_1517320627337_msclaus.jpg like working in Illustrator and find it a fun look, but not sure if editors, agents, etc are interested in that style.
    Here's what I'm talking about —

  • @jae ah well...yah see you are waaaaay better than me. 😃 tell you where that would work...board games market

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