hello :)

  • hi all - am new to this forum, whats upvoting and how do i do it? thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hi Anne, Welcome! Over to the right, at the bottom of a post, it says "reply Quote " and then up and down arrows with a number in the middle. Just click the up arrow. 🙂

  • hi sorry for being dense - what does that actually mean - upvo
    ting i mean? thanks!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @annebrierley welcome to the forums! Upvoting is liking a post or comment. Sorta like facebook like.

  • It just means you like something--a comment or a piece that someone posts.

  • @AnneBrierley
    It took me a bit to figure everything out, too. I made a suggestion to SVS of making a Welcome or Orientation page to include details like how to use the forums (among other things) & they said they are working on it--they just have a lot of things they are doing--esp. with the live classes. They did add a Curriculum page, so you might want to check that out:

    A few more notes on up-votes:
    If you hover your mouse over the number, you can see the names of people who have "voted" (or some of the names if there are several).

    If you click on the number, you'll see a whole list, but by their icon instead of their name, and if you put your mouse over the icon, you can see the name, or click to go to their profile page.

    On your profile page, you will see some stats at the top, including "reputation". I believe that this number is the sum of your up-votes and down-votes (but I don't think anyone uses the down-vote button here--everyone is supportive and friendly! If they dislike or disagree with something, they either ignore the post, or make their own comment to share their opinion). I suppose the "reputation" is to help determine the reliability of a commenter (and therefore their comments).

  • Welcome Anne, glad to have you!

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